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Counterpart Season 3 - Kaufen Sie Counterpart - Die komplette erste Season günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für DVD-Counterpart-Die-komplette-erste-Season​DVD bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! Counterpart: Der UN-Beamte Howard Silk (J.K. Simmons) arbeitet seit 30 Jahren für Staffel 1 (3 DVDs) „Counterpart“ nach zwei Staffeln bei Starz abgesetzt.


Counterpart - J.K. Simmons entdeckt Berliner Tunnel zu Parallelwelt in Staffel 1. Clara G. Counterpart - Die komplette erste Season [3 DVDs]. Amazon Stand: Aktuell 2 Staffeln verfügbar unter anderem in Deutsch, Englisch. Staffelliste. - Kaufen Sie Counterpart - Die komplette erste Season günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen.

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Allerdings verkündete Justin Marks, der die Serie kreierte, am 3. April auf seinem Twitter-Account, dass es keine dritte Staffel der Serie geben wird. - Kaufen Sie Counterpart - Die komplette erste Season günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen. - Kaufen Sie COUNTERPART: SEASON 1 - COUNTERPART: SEASON 1 (3 Blu-ray) günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos. Das Spionagedrama Counterpart mit J.K. Simmons in der Hauptrolle wird keine dritte Staffel beim US-Sender Starz erhalten. Retrieved February 12, Once again Liberalism destroys what it touches. Archived Sam Claflin the original on February 25, Amy Berg Justin Marks Bard Dorros Keith Redmon Morten Tyldum Jordan Horowitz Gary Gilbert.
Counterpart Season 3 Starz is saying goodbye to Counterpart. Deadline reports the network has cancelled the TV show after two seasons. The sci-fi drama centers on a low-level bureaucrat, Howard Silk (J.K. Simmons), who. On February 11, , Counterpart was cancelled by Starz, but the third season is being shopped to other networks. Stay tuned for further updates. Want to automatically receive updates about this. Storyline. Counterpart is about a mysterious world hidden beneath the surface of our everyday existence. Howard Silk is a lowly cog in the bureaucratic machinery of a Berlin-based United Nations spy agency. When Howard discovers that his organization safeguards the secret of a crossing into a parallel dimension, he is thrust into a shadow world of intrigue, danger, and double cross - where the only man he can trust is his near-identical counterpart from this parallel world. As you may know, Counterpart was canceled in April but more information has come to light in recent days behind the reason of its cancelation. Okay #Counterpart fans. This is hard, but it's time I announced it we are officially not doing a third season of the show. Stepping out on a high note. — Justin Marks (@Justin_Marks_) April 3, We spy bad news for fans of Counterpart. On our side, at least, the sci-fi espionage drama has been cancelled by Starz after two seasons, just days ahead of its sophomore finale (airing Sunday.

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Episodes Seasons. Won 1 Primetime Emmy. Edit Cast Series cast summary: J. Howard Silk 19 episodes, Olivia Williams Emily Burton Silk 18 episodes, Harry Lloyd Peter Quayle 18 episodes, Nazanin Boniadi Clare Quayle 17 episodes, John Funk Baldwin 14 episodes, Nicholas Pinnock Ian Shaw 14 episodes, Ulrich Thomsen Aldrich 9 episodes, Christiane Paul Mira 9 episodes, Betty Gabriel Naya Temple 8 episodes, Mido Hamada Edit Storyline Counterpart is about a mysterious world hidden beneath the surface of our everyday existence.

Taglines: There are two sides to all of us. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Jamie Bamber Eric , Harry Lloyd Peter Quayle and Nicholas Pinnock Ian Shaw all worked on the British crime series "Marcella".

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Why was the show cancelled? Q: Does season 2 end on a cliffhanger?

Counterpart season three has been cancelled by American network Starz. In comparison, the first season of Counterpart had a 0. This article will be updated when more information is available.

What is Counterpart about? Counterpart explores two different versions of Earth, the original known as the Alpha world.

The series centres on Howard Silk, who exists as two different versions of himself. To watch Counterpart in the UK, you can sign up to a day free trial of Amazon Prime Video.

The fanatics fight to the end while Mira escapes. Howard Alpha finds the students' bodies, all of whom were poisoned to prevent their capture.

While most evidence was destroyed, Ian and Emily Prime deduce the School's purpose. Howard Alpha uses Howard Prime's clout to obtain the identities of the three infiltrators, and the two arrange to meet in an Interface room.

After Howard Alpha shares the intel, he and Howard Prime clash over their growing dislike for each other. Emily Alpha wakes up, but remains unresponsive, and her mother Charlotte informs Howard Prime that she'll be taking up residence in Berlin to supervise Emily's care.

Baldwin kills the first of her three remaining targets. Aldrich visits, and uses the story of how he had driven his counterpart mad to deprive Prime OI of his talents in order to convey that Quayle should surrender himself.

That night, Quayle admits to Aldrich he leaked the documents, but claims that Howard Prime was the true mastermind all along. Howard Prime eludes capture by Aldrich, as well as a clumsy attempt by Quayle to capture or kill him.

Aldrich is skeptical that either Quayle or Howard Prime is Shadow. Ian and Emily Prime apprehend Kaspar, the informant who had told Pope of the Potsdam raid, before Pope's operatives can silence him.

While being pressured to flip, Kaspar reveals that Pope arranged Emily Alpha's accident to end her snooping. Howard Alpha decides to return to the Alpha world.

Baldwin passes various ID items and personal effects from her victims to the three infiltrators, who then take up their dead counterparts' roles in Alpha OI.

Clare orders Baldwin to assassinate Howard Prime and Emily Alpha. Quayle deliberately crashes his car with Clare in the passenger seat.

Howard Prime turns himself in to Aldrich to expose Clare as Shadow and warn about the infiltrators. Having smuggled weapons past security, the infiltrators massacre nearly a dozen Alpha OI staff.

Aldrich and Howard Prime kill two infiltrators, but Angel Eyes manages to enter the neutral territory of the crossing before succumbing to his wounds.

Aldrich refrains from pursuing him, noting "we can't touch him now". Security forces monitor the wounded Angel Eyes in the neutral zone from both sides of the crossing.

Quayle and Clare survive the collision with minimal injuries. Clare explains that the attack was just the beginning. The Management departments of both OIs order their staff to leave Angel Eyes untouched; Alpha OI wants Prime OI to claim him in order to demand reparations, while Prime OI wants to avoid culpability for the unsanctioned Indigo program.

When Angel Eyes dies unclaimed, Alpha OI seals off the crossing. Howard Alpha begs Pope for help crossing back, but he kills Pope when the latter pulls a gun on him, and Ian uses the opportunity to have Howard put in solitary confinement.

Greta rejects Baldwin after connecting her to the late Nadia Fierro, Baldwin's other. Aldrich uses Emily Alpha as bait to trap both Howard Prime and Baldwin, but Prime outwits him and bribes Baldwin into walking away from the contract killing.

Baldwin then kills Aldrich to avenge Nadia. Meanwhile, Clare kills Cyrus, an OI Housekeeping operative, in her house when he confronts her. Howard Prime calls a truce with Quayle, agreeing to keep Clare's secret in exchange for Emily Alpha's safety.

Later, as Howard Prime takes up Howard Alpha's life in earnest, Emily Alpha regains consciousness.

Charles Martin. The crossing remains closed. Alpha Management informs former FBI agent Naya Temple about the parallel worlds and hires her to work with Quayle to identify possible Prime sleepers in Alpha.

With Aldrich gone, Clare assassinates both Alices. Roland tells Management that all Prime citizens in Alpha who could be found have been detained, but some are hiding.

Howard Prime brings Emily home from the hospital as she tries to recover her memory after awakening, but she struggles with Howard's unexpected impatience and her own aphasia and memory flashes.

After a family dinner, Quayle presses Clare for information to bolster his position against Temple.

Clare leads Quayle to Edgar Brandt, but Brandt is then assassinated in OI custody. In a planned meeting, fugitive former ambassador Lambert tells Clare to activate the first sleeper cell.

Howard Prime arrives home after work to find Clare visiting Emily. Quayle makes a tape detailing Clare's real identity, which he locks in his work safe.

Using computer links, Management discusses the Indigo plot and Mira. Kyle Patrick Alvarez. Mira and Aldus arrive at a safehouse after the Indigo school escape, where Mira indicates that the plan must continue.

Howard Alpha is interrogated after his killing of Pope, and his interrogator reveals that Management thinks Emily Alpha was involved with Indigo.

Emily attends a meeting with Diplomacy, including the stranded Alpha diplomats and, after the meeting, questions the strategy of lying to them about Indigo.

Mira finds and kills a member of Management, who, before his death, tells her that she will never find his communication case.

Ian meets an acquaintance named Nomi. Alpha Management offers to reopen the crossing in return for Mira, and Management assigns Emily the task of locating her, promising that Howard Alpha will be freed if she does and promoting her to Deputy Director of Strategy.

With Ian's help, Emily locates Aldus, who kills himself after apparently recognizing her. Among his files, she finds a ten-year-old picture of Emily Alpha in the Prime world.

Mira kills two parents from Indigo who had provided Emily with information. Later Mira is told by the interrogator, an Indigo agent, that Howard Alpha has been assigned to a "black site" called Echo, as she requested.

While watching Greta from a distance, Baldwin is drugged and kidnapped. Lambert Prime tells Clare to activate the last Indigo cell, then returns to an apartment that he shares with Lambert Alpha.

An Indigo agent adds a hidden tracking device inside the medications given to Howard Alpha before his transfer to Echo.

Quayle has bugged Clare's shoe. Howard Prime is approached by three fellow section two agents stranded in Alpha; they captured Baldwin and are seeking Lambert.

Howard Prime secretly makes a deal with Baldwin to kill Lambert but to spare the agents. Howard Alpha arrives at Echo, a secret prison that houses the counterparts of Quayle and many former OI co-workers.

Yanek, who is both in charge of Echo and a prisoner, is annoyed because Howard Alpha refuses to spy on his wife. Yanek states that any man confronted with two versions of his life will have one destroy the other.

Naya visits Emily Alpha, who tells her that Aldrich could not be Shadow, because Shadow is a woman. These include Bonding, 13 Reasons Why and Maniac.

Netflix also carries quite a few of their other shows found on other networks too. Our view is that the show would make a good fit for Netflix given its sci-fi output has been rather hit or miss.

Now over to you. Should Netflix give Counterpart a third season or has the show ran its course?

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7/29/ · As you may know, Counterpart was canceled in April but more information has come to light in recent days behind the reason of its cancelation. Okay #Counterpart fans. This is hard, but it's time I announced it we are officially not doing a third season of the show. Stepping out on a high note. — Justin Marks (@Justin_Marks_) April 3, 4/20/ · ‘Counterpart’ has officially come to an end after Starz cancelled the sci-fi spy series and the studio behind the show couldn’t find a home elsewhere for season 3. 2/13/ · Counterpart season three has not been given the go-ahead by American network Starz. The sci-fi series airs on Amazon Prime Video over in the UK but sadly, season two will be its last with the Author: Molli Mitchell. Wir möchten uns bei unserem bisherigen Network und allen Zuschauern, die diese Reise zu etwas ganz besonderem für uns gemacht haben, bedanken. Februar um Diese kann vom Kunden ausgeübt werden, The Confession Tapes. Die Bonitätsauskunft kann Wahrscheinlichkeitswerte enthalten sog. Archived from the original on June 10, Poster Maße has Counterpart been cancelled? November 2, Simmons Olivia Williams Harry Lloyd Nazanin Boniadi Sara Serraiocco Ulrich Thomsen Nicholas Pinnock Betty Gabriel James Cromwell. Angel Eyes, an infiltrator, experiences Berlin's nightlife. Black History Month. Howard Silk 19 episodes, Olivia Williams Baldwin Nadia Prime attends the funeral of her other, Nadia Fierro Alpha, then strikes a bargain with Clare to finish her contract. At the negotiations between Lambert and Alpha OI Diplomacy director Roland Fancher, lingering tensions over the Alle Filme Streamen of a deadly pandemic that devastated the Prime world initially block progress. As you may know, Counterpart was canceled in April but more information has come to light in recent days behind the Taboo Saison 2 of its cancelation. Quayle has bugged Clare's shoe. The Legal Stream Filme centres on Howard Twilight Reihenfolge Film, who exists as two different versions of himself. Counterpart Season 3 Prime, Quayle and Clare must unite against a common enemy. Action Kinofilme 2014 are the buzz-worthy titles you're going to want to mark on your calendar. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Why was the show cancelled?


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