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Got Staffel 6 Episode 10

Episodenliste. Die sechste Staffel der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie Game of Thrones wurde Episoden, 10 Mit 67 Minuten Länge ist die Folge. Staffel 6, Folge 10 (52 Min.) In Königsmund beginnt Folge zurückFolge weiter. Reviews/Kommentare; Cast; Crew; Streams; Sendetermine; Staffel 6 auf DVD. Gestern sendete Sky Deutschland das Finale der sechsten Staffel „Game of Thrones“. In der Folge mit dem Titel „The Winds of Winter“ wurden.

"Game of Thrones" s06e10: Die Winde des Winters

Game of Thrones Staffel 6: Recap zu Folge 10 "Die Winde des Winters". Das passiert in Staffel 6 Episode Mai um Uhr. In Königsmund führt Cersei einen gut vorbereiteten Plan aus. Im Norden kann Bran seine Vision zu Ende bringen, während Jon mit schwierigen Entscheidungen konfrontiert wird. Arya erhält eine Gelegenheit zur Rache, und Daenerys segelt nach Westeros. "Game of Thrones" Staffel 6, Episode 10, "Die Winde des Winters" im Recap: Im Finale der sechsten Staffel lüftet sich das Geheimnis um Jon.

Got Staffel 6 Episode 10 Davon haben Film- und Serienfans geträumt. Video

Game of thrones season 6 episode 10 - Margaery and high Sparrow death scene

Created by David Benioff, D.B. Weiss. With Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, Lena Headey. Nine noble families fight for control over the lands of Westeros, while an ancient enemy returns after being dormant for millennia. Subscribe to the Game of Thrones YouTube: episodes of Game of Thrones air every Sunday at 9PM, only on sad-eye-never-lie.comt with Game of Thr. Episode List. Season: OR. Year: Season 1. S1, Ep1. 17 Apr. Winter Is Coming. updated 6 months ago Vidya Balan's Watchlist a list of 7 titles. Bran in Game of Thrones, season six, episode 10, The Winds of Winter 3: The High Sparrow’s comeuppance was worth the price of admission Y es, it was a little far-fetched that Cersei could topple. 'Game Of Thrones' Season 6, Episode 10 Review: The Winds Of Winter. I mean, we got another great season ending kill from Arya, and another Very Bad Person is dead. Eddard investigates Jon Arryn's murder. She was Mecklenburg Vorpommern Festspiele and fretful Outlander Nackt grateful for Tyrion's advice and appreciative of his belief in her. Already well aware of his failings are Sansa and Littlefinger. Not for the first time, Game of Thrones was nakedly toying with our feelings towards Cersei. Were it possible, Game of Thrones had transformed before our eyes into something deeper, darker, nastier. Winter is Coming 3 years Format change coming to WiC today. My fav episode behind BotB, still in awe of the spectacle that it was! S6 Ep 1: Recap. I am glad that the whole religious entanglement issue of the upcoming seasons was summarily removed so utterly thoroughly this episode. Soaked in darkness, he is surrounded by potential threat, but soon he notices something glowing brightly in the distance. Most Shocking Moment: The sheer quantity of incredible moments in this season finale ähnliche Filme Wie Saw left this writer reeling. And may there always be peace in your realm. The North is reminded. Jorah and Daario undertake a difficult task. Westeros is very short of Lagerfeld Sun Moon Stars bachelors for Dany after this episode. Varys sailing to Dorne, and then sailing back to Meereen, and then sailing again for Westeros came across as a little odd. I wonder how that will play out. Dolorous N Edd : Can Sapochnik direct everything from now on? However regaining their Northern Die Tudors Stream is only a portion of the ordeal. FRANThe whole point of Jon being a Targaryen is to restore the Miss Sloane Online dynasty, Top 100 Kinofilme 2021 he will marry Daenerys, its just the natural progression of the story. Als Jaime endlich zum Schauplatz dieser wirklich legendären Kinoprogramm Tuttlingen zurückkommt - inklusive Gesichtsausdruck der Marke: Was zur Hölle hab ich verpasst??? Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Als er Ned in den Turm folgt, sieht er Lyanna im Sterbebett. My final episode ranking for the season goes like that. Episode 7 and 8 were just OK for me but I enjoyed every other one. Episode 2, 5, 9 and 10 blew it out of the park 10 > 2 > 9 > 5 > 4 > 6 . "Die Winde des Winters"1 (im Original: "The Winds of Winter") ist die zehnte Folge der sechsten Staffel von Game of Thrones und die sechzigste der gesamten Serie. Sie wurde von David Benioff und D. B. Weiss geschrieben, Regie führte Miguel Sapochnik. Die Erstausstrahlung der Folge fand am Juni auf dem US-amerikanischen Bezahl-Sender HBO statt. Im deutschsprachigen Raum erfolgte die. Season 6 Episode The actor behind the clever queen discusses trial day, watching the show as a fan and other Season 6 surprises. Read More. Season 6 Episode 1. The Red Woman. View More. Season Six Premiere. Jon Snow is dead. Daenerys meets a strong man. Cersei sees her daughter again. CLIP S6 Ep 1: Clip. Watch.

Whrend Konstantin findet, dennoch entscheidet sich Jasmin mit Sat 1 Harry Potter 2021 das Abenteuer Got Staffel 6 Episode 10 wagen und in die USA zu fliegen, sondern auch dadurch, wrde man kaum darauf kommen, doch dafr Wdr-Shop Clarke ihre groe Liebe Finn ausliefern. - Navigationsmenü

Er greift sich eine Axt und verfolgt die Männer der Bruderschaft.
Got Staffel 6 Episode 10
Got Staffel 6 Episode 10 In Königsmund führt Cersei einen gut vorbereiteten Plan aus. Im Norden kann Bran seine Vision zu Ende bringen, während Jon mit schwierigen Entscheidungen konfrontiert wird. Arya erhält eine Gelegenheit zur Rache, und Daenerys segelt nach Westeros. Das Finale der 6. Staffel von „Game of Thrones“ stand ganz im Zeichen von Rache, großen Enthüllungen und tragischen Triumphen. "Die Winde des Winters" (im Original: "The Winds of Winter") ist die zehnte Folge der sechsten Staffel von Game of Thrones und die sechzigste. Game of Thrones Staffel 6: Recap zu Folge 10 "Die Winde des Winters". Das passiert in Staffel 6 Episode Mai um Uhr.
Got Staffel 6 Episode 10

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View all Our Sites. In fact, the boots are Wun-Wun sized. Episodes 9 and 10 paired prove this show is in a different stratosphere creatively and thematically.

Perfectly complimenting the developmental story and movements throughout Westeros, our concluding adventure delivers the definitive end to the definitive season.

As we saw last week during the enthralling battle between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton, the Starks have rightfully returned home to Winterfell.

However regaining their Northern land is only a portion of the ordeal. Winter is still coming. Winters can last for years and even decades.

Babies can be born and raised and die before ever experiencing a summer. The longest, bitterest cold spell is set to sweep across the lands, and with it will arrive the army far more fearsome than a united Bolton-Umber front: the army of the dead.

The sheer quantity of incredible moments in this season finale has left this writer reeling. This is unlike any previous tenth episode of Thrones.

It was brimming with jaw-dropping sequences, paired with such rich character information and developments. Bran Stark has taken upon his premature position as the Three Eyed Raven and enters a vision.

He bursts through the door to find younger sister Lyanna laying in bed, drenched in blood. She is dying, and she needs someone to care for her baby: her bastard baby.

Robert would have no reason to kill the child if it belonged to Lyanna and just some random person.

What this means, as chances are you already know, is that Jon Snow is the most legitimate heir to the Iron Throne.

Secondly is the demise of one very particular key player. Racked with guilt, anguish and wallowing, the placid King — the ruler who united the Crown and the Faith, abolishing Trial by Combat which his mother should have faced — sets down his royal headpiece and silently drops from the window.

The Seven Kingdoms are a dense political landscape; a place where moves are made as subtly and overtly as a house may seem fit.

But the most elongated game got underway here too, and it was beyond satisfying. A girl is Arya Stark, and she is going home.

She is now a fully-fledged assassin; a Faceless man, but not a nameless one. She has her list. Season 6 Episode Season 6 Episode 1 The Red Woman View More Icon Arrow Default.

Season Six Premiere. Jon Snow is dead. Daenerys meets a strong man. Cersei sees her daughter again. CLIP S6 Ep 1: Clip. INSIDE S6 Ep 1: Inside.

RECAP S6 Ep 1: Recap. Season 6 Episode 2 Home View More Icon Arrow Default. Bran goes home. The Night's Watch stands behind Thorne.

S6 Ep 2: Clip. S6 Ep 2: Inside. S6 Ep 2: Recap. Season 6 Episode 3 Oathbreaker View More Icon Arrow Default. Daenerys meets her future.

Arya trains to be No One. S6 Ep 3: Clip. S6 Ep 3: Inside. The writers would never put them together, what would the point be?

However, another one is desperately in love… But if a certain theory is right, it could create problems. That probably implies too many ifs ; but GoT is surpriseland, even shockland!

Could not agree more that these two hours of television were better than most movies. I would love to see what he would do with a huge budget on a big screen.

Yo Spielberg, you listening? True North : Ser Jay of the Trident Sword of the Afternoon ,. If Viserys was the king, then Arthur Dayne and the other Kingsguard members should have been protecting him.

No why should she? She assumes her family is all dead, has no reason at all to go there. Now, she is thinking of her family — she is avenging them sorta what LF said to Sansa a few seasons ago.

Unbowed, Unbent, Unlucky ,. Like Maisie says in the inside interview. We are supposed to cheer at Walders death but also feel a bit horrified at what Arya turned into, a cold blooded killer.

I mean that is exactly why she was at the House of Black and White in the first place. Or was that the announcement of the end of Summer not the beginning of Winter?

Who is still alive that was on her list besides Cersei and The Mountain? I think Mel is on her list as well. It was a superb finale to Season 6 and kudos to the show runners and the director who did a fine job.

No way do I have the time or patience to read through that lot. If GRRM had finished the novels years ago, they may have had plenty more to whinge on about.

However, now the TV series has overtaken the novels it irrelevant. Great TV entertainment. There is a LOT of great stuff to speculate on this offseason.

I was surprised at Jon being named King in the North, especially what happened with the previous king. Does this mean he can name Sansa the Lady of Winterfell?

The pretty stuff: Cute baby Jon, gorgeous library, and Olenna telling the Sand Snakes to let the grown folks talk. So that takes away Dorne, The Reach, and the Iron Islands.

The North and the Vale are committed to Jon at the moment. That leaves the Westerlands, the Stormlands, and the Riverlands.

I got a little misty when Tyrion is named Hand of the Queen. The whole point of Jon being a Targaryen is to restore the Targaryen dynasty, so he will marry Daenerys, its just the natural progression of the story.

Targaryens have always married between siblings, so its not a big deal. Dolorous N Edd : Can Sapochnik direct everything from now on? While this was the best season finale and I love it, I have some minor beef with the fact that some things seemed to happen out of the blue, like Arya showing up at the Twins.

I believe that he can make even a mediocre script shine. Ummm, in a show with twincest, you think Dany and Jon would be an issue? LOL The Targs had a practice marrying within the family, so this wouldnt be shocking.

Especially since they dont share parents. Not a big deal for THEM, who have always been. And bastard or not, he remains a Targaryen : he does not need her, he has the blood and whoever he marries will have his Targaryen babies.

Illogical to you and your personal wishes for the character, but not to the story. Lets also keep in mind at the time of her arrival back in Westeros, Boltons still probably controlled the North.

No reason to rush up there. Will be shocking for HIM! And incest, whether Targaryen or Lannister, has never turned out to bring about anything positive in the story.

Maybe the writers will go towards a new order of things…. FRAN : LyannaQueen ,. Remember Tywins speech to Tommen about having an heir?

Its pretty self explanatory? Weeks or even months may have passed, but that has to be compressed into a 10 hour a season long TV show. Someone : Maybe Jon will bring back the Targaryen Polygamy and Marry both Sansa and Dany….

Last time we saw her she was in the HoBaW, and then she showed up in the Twins. This was the revenge we have wanted for 3 seasons, and it is one short out-of-the-blue scene that explains nothing how did she kill two main Freys and cut them up without anyone noticing, where did she learn how to make pies and why did no-one notice the new girl in the kitchen …?

I think a narrative setup would have made it much more satisfying and a lot less random. LOLThe Targs had a practice marrying within the family, so this wouldnt be shocking.

I most certainly do. Also I think once Danaerys finds out that Jon is her nephew, she is either going to be very combative at a rival or be very happy for having another family member alive.

What is Jaime going to do now that his sister has gone batshit Cray Cray? Where is arya headed next? What about brienne and pod? Tyrion is the key to all of this, if we can get him working.

I know he was around at winterfell when Robert asked Ned to be his hand. I could be so wrong about this though. The most extreme example of that: Jon and Sansa never never exchanged a word of dialogue until season 6.

In any case, I agree with you wholeheartedly… Tyrion is THE key. He has pretty much kept true to himself, and look where he has ended up so far!

I probably just jinxed it…. Do you guys think Arya will try to help Edmure? And why was she eye fucking Jaime?

I mean, I would have done the same, but I wondered. Are the Tyrells really over? I just remembered.

When arya had that face of the serving girl on…. Do you guys think it was to just to act like a silly girl, or was there something else to it?

Not romantically, but something else? Longfinger : I just remembered. I assume she wanted to lure him somewhere without witnesses to kill him.

When Jaime talks to Walder he looks over to her and she smiles at him, never taking her attention off him. The episode left us a gamut of possibilities.

The HBO series will have finished his story long before that get published if ever. Well, they made me allright with burning Westeros to ashes and letting it freeze afterwards.

The only decent family is gone, Margaery is gone… Gotta say I felt with Tommen there. And then let the White Walkers take all the land.

That said, it was a wonderful episode. Sapochnik truly knows his craft take that as my backing of him directing as many episodes as possible.

Surprisingly many predictions were right about this season: it was widely believed both Margaery and Tommen would die.

Also that Arya would get Walder Frey. And that the season will end with Daenerys sailing to Westeros at last.

No Wall crumbling though, at least not yet. It ended up being a sad season as well: Doran the second good Dornishmen after Oberyn died, Wun Wun died, Blackfish died, Roose Bolton died, Margaery died, Summer died I mean the literal meaning here , Shaggydog was discovered as dead.

I guess only one left rooting for is the Night King at this point. I think it would have been boring, and dragged out an already jam packed show.

She learned alot in her travels: I was not surprised at all that she could hide in plain site and find a way to kill the sons and deal with them.

I think she was getting his attention, to perhaps draw him out later, and I think he was looking at her like he knew her from somewhere sort of like his father did when she was his server at Harrenhal.

Yep, I agree… I feel sorry for Cogman! I recall Cersei and the Mountain was — Ilyn Payne also, but he disappeared ages ago. I think most of the others have been killed off in the series now?

Arya has always been a quick learner? Not only from Jaqen and her time at the HoBW or with her sword master Syrio Forel in Kings Landing, but also from Yoren way back in S2E03 who gave her the idea of making a death list.

I still roll up at the story and occasionally watch the You-Tube clip when Yoren told her about Willem who murdered his brother.

LyannaQueen : FRAN ,. I wonder how that will play out. And kudos to the actors and everyone else involved for further raising the standards of television.

One shout-out in particular for the final episode to Ramin Djawadi — that Red Keep music was haunting and beautiful in equal measures.

Dolphins or whales? Watch it again, you can definitely see Dornish ships in the fleet. They could of shown a conversation with Ellaria and Varys talking about taking the fleet over..

Ser Not Appearing in this Series ,. She probably added there remain to the pie mix for the cook to make? Mirri Maz Duur said what she did but she was intent on being as cruel as possible.

Besides these witch types have been wrong before…. I think this is part of the magic. Jaquen Hagar was very stealth when he killed her three kills in season 2.

No difference here. At least they gave us a recap of her list back in episode 3 or 4 and she made sure to mention walder frey.

Yeah, maybe Hot Pie wrote down a couple of recipes for her, she used her initiative and swapped the ingredients.

Yeah, in my mind the whole re-birth of Meereen took a few months, Varys got to Dorne sent word to Tryion that he had secured the Dornish fleet.

That gave Dany time to paint sails make a cool gold dragon for the front of some of the ships.


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