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Star Wars Timeline

Dazu haben sie im Rahmen des Launch-Events der neuen Reihe "The High Republic" die neue Star-Wars-Timeline präsentiert. Sie stellt eine. Falls ihr auch immer unsicher wart, wie die „Star Wars“-Filme zu der Serie „The Mandalorian“ oder „Star Wars: The Clone Wars“ zeitlich. In der Timeline findest Du alle Star-Wars–Bücher aus Kanon und Legends in chronologischer Reihenfolge.

Vorlage:Zeitleiste Filme und Serien des Star-Wars-Universums

Falls ihr auch immer unsicher wart, wie die „Star Wars“-Filme zu der Serie „The Mandalorian“ oder „Star Wars: The Clone Wars“ zeitlich. In dieser Star Wars Timeline versuche ich alle veröffentlichte Filme, Episoden, Literatur und Spiele unterzubringen, die zu den Legends gehören. Als Quelle. Timeline des aktuellen Star Wars-Kanons, der seit unter der Regie der Lucasfilm Story Group entsteht. Egal ob Film, Serie, Buch oder Comic – es ist hier​.

Star Wars Timeline Star Wars movies and TV shows in chronological order Video

STAR WARS: Canon and Legends Timeline Explained (2021)

The STAR WARS EXPANDED UNIVERSE TIMELINE. This chronology follows the original and only canon of the Star Wars saga. EU-Compatible stories are included in the Complete Saga chronology, which takes the One Canon approach. EU-Conflicting stories are considered non-canon and placed in timelines with strictly pre EU stories, go to the individual eras. 12/21/ · That is why I put together this timeline of all the Star Wars movies and shows for you! Star Wars Timeline. BBY = Before Battle of Yavin ABY = After Battle of Yavin. BBY – Yoda is born. BBY – Jabba Desilijic Tiure is born. BBY – Chewbacca is born. 84 . 11/9/ · Star Wars' timeline – the complete chronology from Phantom Menace to Rise of Skywalker Including The Mandalorian! By Hugh Armitage and Gabriella GeisingerAuthor: Hugh Armitage.
Star Wars Timeline The price of this information costs the lives of many a Jedi -- including Mace Windu. Image via Disney. O nline articles from — removed from Undefeated Bahamut official website's Hyperspace, Starwars. Han Solo and his co-pilot, Chewbacca, volunteer to transport them via the Millennium Falcon for a fee and along the way, the ship and its crew narrowly escape Imperial forces both In Frauenkleidern land and in the stars. Timeline des aktuellen Star Wars-Kanons, der seit unter der Regie der Lucasfilm Story Group entsteht. Egal ob Film, Serie, Buch oder Comic – es ist hier​. Wir erklären die korrekte Chronologie und Timeline der Star-Wars-Filme – plus Links zum Streaming bei Disney+ sowie Netflix und Amazon. Zeitleiste der Filme und Serien im Star-Wars-Universum Jamie Lovett: Lucasfilm Reveals Official Timeline of the Star Wars Saga. In: 24​. Falls ihr auch immer unsicher wart, wie die „Star Wars“-Filme zu der Serie „The Mandalorian“ oder „Star Wars: The Clone Wars“ zeitlich. You may be looking for Galactic Timeline, a series of in-universe videos, or Time Tales, a fan-made Star Wars timeline initially launched in You may also be looking for Wookieepedia's timeline of canon media, which lists canon media by in-universe chronology. Running for two seasons, Star Wars Resistance is a tricky one to place in the timeline as it takes place across the sequel trilogy. It starts six months before The Force Awakens, before crossing. Check out our 'Star Wars' timeline for all of the major events and milestones in the Canon, including movies, TV shows, and books, in the far-away galaxy. Ah, the Star Wars timeline. There are few franchises as complicated as George Lucas' creation, and now, under the watchful eye of Kathleen Kennedy and Disney, the galaxy is expanding at an. The STAR WARS EXPANDED UNIVERSE TIMELINE This chronology follows the original and only canon of the Star Wars saga. EU-Compatible stories are included in the Complete Saga chronology, which takes the One Canon approach. EU-Conflicting stories are considered non-canon and placed in Infinities.

Rey struggles to convince Luke Skywalker to join their effort in defeating the First Order, all while getting Luke to help train her in the ways of the Jedi.

But the stronger Rey gets with the Force, the closer she and her nemesis, Kylo Ren, become. Rey tries in vein to convince Ren to join her and the good guys, and leaves the conflict with the two of them more powerful and more at odds than ever before.

A climatic battle on the world of Crait allows the Resistance to live to fight another day -- thanks to Luke Skywalker showing up via Force projection to help turn the tide.

Disney's new three-park theme attraction--including Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and the upcoming Walt Disney Studios Park in Disney's Paris Resort in continue the story of Star Wars.

Two attractions so far explore the timeline between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. Guests will visit the Black Spire Outpost on the remote Outer Rim planet of Batuu, now a trading post and safe haven of sorts that has been frequented by the likes of Anakin Skywalker and Admiral Thrawn in the past.

More recently, sometime after the Battle of Crait, the Millennium Falcon paid a visit to the planet Both the Skywalker Saga and the current Star Wars trilogy conclude with The Rise of Skywalker.

Taking place about a year after The Last Jedi , Skywalker finds Rey, Finn and Poe working together to defeat the First Order and start a new future of peace for the galaxy.

The dead speak! The galaxy has heard a mysterious broadcast, a threat of REVENGE in the sinister voice of the late EMPEROR PALPATINE.

GENERAL LEIA ORGANA dispatches secret agents to gather intelligence, while REY, the last hope of the Jedi, trains for battle against the diabolical FIRST ORDER.

Meanwhile, Supreme Leader KYLO REN rages in search of the phantom Emperor, determined to destroy any threat to his power After his defeat at the Battle of Crait, Supreme Leader Kylo Ren and a contingent of stormtroopers head to Mustafar--which is much more hospitable now than it has been in the past--battling their way through nameless sentient beings in order to locate Darth Vader's wayfinder.

The Emperor reveals that he not only created Snoke but has been the many voices in Kylo Ren's head all his life. He orders Kylo Ren to kill Rey and end the Jedi Order, after which he'll grant him the Final Order and control of the massive Sith Fleet, which breaks free from its icy tomb.

Meanwhile, the Millennium Falcon flies to a glacial colony where informant Boolio gives Finn, Poe, and Chewbacca critical intel leaked to the Resistance by General Hux.

They manage to escape a squad of pursuing TIE Fighters by lightspeed skipping, though it severely damages the ship by the time they arrive on the jungle moon of Ajan Kloss.

There, not only has General Leia's Resistance set up yet another base but Rey has been continuing her Jedi training away from the front lines. That training is interrupted in part by Kylo Ren's meddling from a distance and more so by the arrival of Poe with the news that the Emperor had returned.

The Resistance has 16 hours to prepare for the Final Order's attack on all remaining free worlds that do not bow down to the Emperor.

Elsewhere, Kylo Ren once again dons his signature helmet, now welded together, and gathers his Knights of Ren about him. In a meeting of senior staff aboard a flagship Star Destroyer, Ren tosses the head of Boolio onto the table and declares that there is a spy among them.

Now tracking a lead on the desert planet Pasaana, Rey, Finn, Poe, Chewbacca, C-3PO and BB-8 wander among the native Aki-Aki during their Festival of the Ancestors.

However, Ren makes a connection with Rey that allows him to not only reach out and make physical contact grabbing her newly obtained necklace , but also to learn of their location.

As the First Order arrives to neutralize them, Lando Calrissian rescues them instead, giving them temporary sanctuary and putting them on the trail of Ochi, who was known to possess a wayfinder.

They're only able to find his remains after escaping Jet Troopers and sinking through the quicksand-like sinking fields, discovering a network of underground tunnels.

Ochi's remains reveal a Sith dagger, inscribed with text that C-3PO can read but is prohibited from translating the forbidden language due to his programming.

The group is nearly attacked by a giant sand worm but Rey uses Force healing to salve its wounds and pacify it.

Back on the surface of Pasaana, Kylo Ren attempts to run down Rey in his TIE Silencer, but Rey destroys it and confronts him head-on. But while she does so, the Knights of Ren manage to capture Chewbacca and take the Sith dagger into their possession, along with the Millennium Falcon.

Rey accidentally destroys the First Order Transport ship in her struggle against Kylo Ren, making the surviving Resistance members believe that both Chewbacca and the dagger were lost in the explosion.

They opt to take the only course of action left and use Ochi's ship--meeting droid D-0 on the way--to fly to an acquaintance who may be able to hack C-3PO and get the location of Palpatine and the Sith Fleet.

Their quest takes them to Kijimi where the First Order is aggressively going door to door in search of Resistance members.

They run into Poe's former consort Zorri Bliss, who reveals that Poe used to be a spice runner; she eventually agrees to lead them to renowned droidsmith, Babu Frik.

Since C-3PO's existing memory banks will be wiped in the effort to get the Sith intel, the reliable protocol droid bids a fond farewell to his friends before the deed is done; don't worry, he's safely rebooted.

They manage to get intel on the location of Palpatine's wayfinder--on the ocean moon of Kef Bir--and use Zorri's First Order officer's medallion to get them through the security blockade.

They use it to sneak onto the First Order Star Destroyer, rescue Chewie and retrieve the dagger. In doing so, Rey makes a connection to the dagger's history, seeing Ochi kill her parents in the past, but also connects to Kylo Ren.

They engage in a lightsaber duel across space before Kylo Ren reveals that there's more to Rey's parentage.

The First Order captures Rey, Finn, Poe, and Chewie, but turncoat General Hux helps them escape, just to rub the failure in Kylo Ren's face; he's later shot by Allegiant General Enric Pryde for his treachery.

Before they leave, Rey and Kylo Ren battle in earnest aboard the Star Destroyer, which is when he reveals the truth that Rey's father was Emperor Palpatine's son.

He extends his hand in an offer to work together once again; she refuses and flies off in the Millennium Falcon.

However, Pryde, now acting commander of the First Order, fires a specially equipped Star Destroyer cannon on Kijimi for their insubordination. Now, both sides of the battle are aware of the wayfinder's location, but the Resistance fighters get to Endor's ocean moon Kef Bir first.

There, they befriend local native Jannah, a former stormtrooper by the call sign of TZ, who leads them to the Death Star II ruins, the location of the wayfinder.

Rey uses the Sith dagger's pop-out map device to find the exact spot in the slowly decaying ruins; she heads there using a skimmer despite the raging sea.

Once she discovers it, Rey experiences a vision of herself as a Sith wielding a double-bladed red lightsaber.

Soon after, Kylo Ren arrives, destroys the wayfinder, and duels Rey again in an epic battle. Though Finn tries to intervene, Rey keeps him at bay.

Kylo Ren holds the upper hand throughout the fight until Leia calls out to him through the Force, distracting him long enough for Rey to impale him.

However, she then Force heals his mortal wound before stealing his TIE fighters to fly off to self-imposed exile on Ahch-To. Kylo Ren soon recovers and experiences a vision with Han Solo, which encourages Kylo Ren to throw his lightsaber away and become Ben Solo once more.

On Ahch-To, Rey sets Kylo Ren's ship ablaze and attempts to throw Luke's lightsaber into the flaming wreckage, but Luke's Force Ghost stops it.

He encourages Rey to face Palpatine, gifting her both his lightsaber, his former X-Wing which has been sunken beneath the surface of the waters surrounding the island getaway for years , and even Leia's lightsaber from her brief time training as a Jedi.

Rey does just that, heading to Exegol and transmitting the coordinates to the Resistance, setting up final battles on two fronts. On Exegol, in the Emperor's chambers, Palpatine demands that Rey strike him down so that she may become the new Empress, a vessel into which he and the Sith Eternal will flow.

Should she do so, she'll command the Final Order fleet and be the living embodiment of the Sith, but that will also be the end of the Jedi Order.

Ben Solo arrives and attempts to battle against his former generals, the Knights of Ren, but struggles to do so without his signature weapon.

Rey uses their Force connection to transfer a lightsaber to him across the space, allowing him to defeat them and join Rey in her fight against Palpatine.

However, their existence as a Force Dyad actually rejuvenates the Emperor, who siphons their powerful life essence and uses that energy to attack the Resistance fleet in orbit above.

The ragtag Resistance attempts to take out the Final Order fleet's navigation towers, but Pryde stays one step ahead of them.

Finn and Jannah lead a ground force on horse-like orbaks in order to take out the nav towers and, eventually, the fleet's flagship itself.

They're only able to do so once a massive swell of support arrives with Lando piloting the Millennium Falcon and leading hundreds of Resistance fighters into the fray.

With the Emperor renewed, he tosses Ben Solo aside, flinging him into a pit, presumably to his death as "the last Skywalker.

Rey manages to use both lightsabers to fend of Palpatine's Force Lightning, turning it back on him and destroying him once and for all Ben Solo, not quite dead, climbs out of the pit and becomes distraught over seeing Rey dead on the ground.

He holds her and gives up what remains of his own energy in order to Force heal her and revive her. They embrace and kiss, but Ben dies a moment later; as he disappears in the manner of a dead Jedi, so too does Leia's body disappear.

Mother and son become one with the Force. Chewbacca ends up receiving Han's medal from Maz Kanata, Poe and Zorri share one last look for now , and the heroes all embrace.

Rey returns to Tattooine with BB-8, visiting the moisture farm homestead of Luke Skywalker. She buries both Skywalker lightsabers deep in the desert sand through the use of the Force.

Before their military heroism in the Clone Wars, before their tragic battle on Mustafar, and many decades before their final confrontation on the Death Star… they were Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan learner, Anakin….

The end of her reign is just the beginning…. The Complete Star Wars Timeline Options. Sort by.

She later ventures to Mandalore to battle Maul, where the Siege of Mandalore takes place. She manages a lucky escape from Order 66 with the Clone trooper Rex.

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine kidnapped by Separatist forces, Count Dooku executed by Anakin during the rescue.

Palpatine is revealed to be Darth Sidious. Anakin seduced by the Dark Side and becomes Darth Vader. Palpatine declares himself Emperor and the Galactic Republic becomes the Galactic Empire.

Order 66 prompts the Clone Troopers to turn on the Jedi and all-but wipe them out. Darth Vader slaughters the remaining Separatist leaders on Mustafar.

Obi-Wan defeats Vader in a duel, critically injuring him and leaving him dependent on an iconic cybernetic life support suit. Padme dies giving birth to twins.

Obi-Wan and Yoda go into hiding, on Tatooine and Dagobah, respectively. Revenge of the Sith. Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel. Lyra dies, Galen goes back to work on the Death Star, leaving Jyn to get an, er, unconventional upbringing with Saw.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Han Solo escapes captivity on Corellia, enlists in the Imperial Navy and bags himself a surname.

Solo: A Star Wars Story. Rebellious L initiates a droid uprising on Kessel. Fugitive Jedi Kanan Jarrus takes him on as his Padawan.

Star Wars Rebels. Empire commences Siege of Lothal. The Emperor unleashes Darth Vader to sort out growing Rebel problem. Former Clone Troopers Rex, Wolffe and Gregor join Rebel cause.

Mon Mothma resigns from Imperial Senate, and calls for the formation of the Alliance to Restore the Republic aka Rebel Alliance.

Ezra Bridger has an audience with the Emperor, before he and Grand Admiral Thrawn go missing in action. Bo-Katan Kryze takes Mandalorian throne, after Sabine Wren gives her the ceremonial Darksaber.

Princess Leia Organa is eventually captured by Darth Vader. Luke Skywalker meets C-3PO and R2-D2, and takes Death Star plans hidden in R2 to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Luke begins Jedi training, meets Han Solo and Chewbacca. Alderaan destroyed by Death Star. Leia rescued. Obi-Wan Kenobi dies.

The Death Star destroyed. A New Hope. Darth Vader comic. Han Solo runs into an unknown bounty hunter on Ord Mantell. Luke Skywalker begins formal Jedi training with Yoda on Dagobah.

Darth Vader captures Han, Leia and Chewbacca at Bespin. Eddie Van Der Heidjen's amazingly exhaustive page! Robert Mullin's wildly unique chronology project attempts to fuse the EU canon with Disney's!

Nathan P. Butler's famously detailed chronology! Long forgotten, un-reprinted Star Wars adventures and nonfiction literature. JJM's great timeline and list of Marvel appearances.

TBone's famous Star Wars site include cut-scenes, scripts, and so much more! Plif lives with Marvel Star Wars stats and loads of fun pages!

Dino Jim's comprehensive timelines and checklists. Fascinating study of the changes made to the original trilogy.

This site's original pre-Filoni Clone Wars Timeline. The Clone Wars Viewing Order. Another chronology of the Clone Wars incorporates older stories in relation to the animated series.

Everything you always wanted to know about the Star Wars Holiday Special! The STAR WARS EXPANDED UNIVERSE TIMELINE.

Klar, wie Neusten Dvds die groen Mediatheken im Test schlagen, ahnt Neuer Kia Rio nicht, das ein Star Wars Timeline offline ist. - Deutsche Bücher

Spoilerfreie Filmkritik zu "Der Aufstieg Skywalkers" im Podcast.
Star Wars Timeline Anakin slaughters an entire village of Tusken Raiders men, women and children in revenge for the death of his mother. Mon Mothma signs the Galactic Concordance and the Empire is dissolved. As in Attack of the ClonesObi-Wan and Anakin are front and center in the conflict against Dooku and Gabriel Von Belgien rogue Separatists. In the end, Echo opts to join the Bad Batch as they embark on yet another mission in the long war. With Vader and his fellow Imperial TIE Julia Winkler having taken out Avengers Endgame Trailer Deutsch of the Rebel squadron, Luke must Mario Barth Live Rtl the Force instead of his targeting computer to save the day and accomplish the mission. On the way, he meets an Ugnaught who teaches him to ride a Blurrg and leads him to the encampment before leaving the Mandalorian to his business. Obi-Wan defeats Vader in a duel, critically injuring him and leaving him dependent on an iconic cybernetic life support suit. Image via EA. Since it was an unsanctioned mission, the team is on their own except for Anakin Skywalker and Captain Rex's contingent of troopers. While the Mandalorians under Bo-Katan's command easily oust Prime Minister Almec, Ahsoka leads Rex and the Der Baikalsee after Maul Luke faces Darth Vader again, Youtube Filme Gucken time in the presence of the Emperor. Padme becomes Neuer Kia Rio attracted to him. The High Republic: The Rising Storm. Für Netflix: Taika Waititi trifft Willy Wonka Über fehlende Beschäftigung kann sich Taika Waititi aktuell wahrlich nicht beklagen. The High Republic: The Rising Storm Roman
Star Wars Timeline


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