Lara Croft Tomb Raider

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Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. FSK 12 Minuten | USA Leinwandadaption des populären Videogames mit Angelina Jolie als fleischgewordenem. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – Die Wiege des Lebens ist ein Abenteuerfilm des Regisseurs Jan de Bont aus dem Jahr mit Angelina Jolie in der Hauptrolle der. 10 Userkritiken zum Film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider von Simon West mit Angelina Jolie, Iain Glen, Daniel Craig -

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. ()IMDb 5,81 Std. 36 MinX-Ray Ungewollt gerät die Tochter des verschollenen Archäologen Lord Croft ins Fadenkreuz. lara croft: tomb raider - die wiege des lebens. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider ist ein Abenteuerfilm des Regisseurs Simon West aus dem Jahr mit Angelina Jolie in der Hauptrolle. Der Film basiert auf der.

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Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (1/9) Movie CLIP - The Training Robot (2001) HD

Watch the video. Take a look back at the career of Alicia Vikander on and off the big screen. See more Alicia. Lara Croft Alicia Vikander is the fiercely independent daughter of eccentric adventurer Lord Richard Croft Dominic West , who vanished when she was scarcely a teen.

Now a young woman of twenty-one without any real focus or purpose, Lara navigates the chaotic streets of trendy East London as a bike courier, barely making the rent, and takes college courses, rarely making it to class.

Determined to forge her own path, she refuses to take the reins of her father's global empire just as staunchly as she rejects the idea that he's truly gone.

Advised to face the facts and move forward after seven years without him, even Lara can't understand what drives her to finally solve the puzzle of his mysterious death.

Going explicitly against his final wishes, she leaves everything she knows behind in search of her dad's last-known destination: a fabled tomb on a mythical island that might be somewhere off the coast of Japan.

But her mission will not be an easy one; just reaching the island will Written by Warner Bros. Ironically in 'Tomb Raider' they got the hard part right and messed up the easy part.

The hard part in my opinion was correctly casting 'Lara Croft'. To follow in the shoes of a peak-of-her-powers Angelina Jolie is no easy feat.

They pulled that off though by finding Alicia Vikander who was excellent in this film. The part they messed up though, and why this is such a bland experience, was they just didn't give her anything interesting to do.

The film starts off fun. The character introductions are clever, interesting and get you amped for what is to come. Then when the actual adventure begins the entire film stalls and never manages to start up again.

The location was mildly interesting, but for almost the entire film to be set on the one island just felt lazy and uncreative - especially with a runtime near 2 hours.

Also the villain was about as dull as they come. Vikander is what saves this from being a total misfire though. She has the look, the charisma and the sexiness to pull off the character with ease.

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Archived from the original on March 18, Retrieved March 30, Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider II III The Last Revelation Chronicles The Angel of Darkness.

Legend Anniversary Underworld. Tomb Raider Rise of the Tomb Raider Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider GBC Curse of the Sword The Prophecy Reloaded.

Guardian of Light Temple of Osiris Relic Run Go. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider The Cradle of Life Tomb Raider Revisioned: Tomb Raider Tomb Raider comic Tomb Raider Collectible Card Game.

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Using this set-up, they created a greater variety of moves and greater interaction with the environment, along with expanding and improving combat.

The gameplay underwent another major change for the reboot. Gameplay altered from progression through linear levels to navigating an open world, with hunting for supplies and upgrading equipment and weapons becoming a key part of gameplay, yet tombs were mostly optional and platforming was less present in comparison to combat.

The combat was redesigned to be similar to the Uncharted series: the previous reticle-based lock-on mechanics were replaced by a free-roaming aim. The concept for Tomb Raider originated in at Core Design , a British game development studio.

Gard originally envisioned the character as a man: company co-founder Jeremy Heath-Smith was worried the character would be seen as derivative of Indiana Jones , so Gard changed the character's gender.

Her design underwent multiple revisions and redrafts during early development. Gard was no longer given full creative control, and it was stated by development staff that he was both saddened and disappointed by the use of Lara Croft's sex appeal in marketing.

Gard left Core Design in to found his own gaming company Confounding Factor , and was replaced by Stuart Atkinson. Over the next three years, Core Design was committed to delivering a Tomb Raider game annually, putting considerable strain on staff.

While development of the next title Legend moved to Crystal Dynamics, Core Design continued to work on the franchise until , when their remake of the original game entitled 10th Anniversary was cancelled.

Crystal Dynamics would later release a similar title simply titled Anniversary. After the critical backlash of The Angel of Darkness , Eidos decided to take production of the Tomb Raider series out of Core Design's hands and give it to another subsidiary studio.

Production of the next game was given to Crystal Dynamics , a studio that had made its name with the Legacy of Kain series.

He added that "For a UK company, moving the development of its prized asset from Derby to California was a big decision to make but, as it turned out, absolutely the right one to make.

In , the year after the release of Underworld , Eidos was bought by Square Enix and later renamed Square Enix Europe , giving Square Enix ownership of the Tomb Raider franchise.

From the subseries aimed at the mobile format with Relic Run , [45] [91] and later Lara Croft Go. During this period, a second development team was working on a second reboot of the series and character, which would put emphasis on a darker and gritter interpretation of the character.

The original Tomb Raider theme was composed by Nathan McCree. He created the original theme music after having discussions with Gard about the character of Lara Croft.

Having decided to use Classical English music as an inspiration, he decided to create something simple for the theme song. Its simplicity made rearrangements and orchestrations easy.

For his work on the first three Tomb Raider games, he was given fairly minimal briefs, and for Tomb Raider III he was working on the game as a freelancer as he had left the company.

He composed the opening theme for The Last Revelation , saying that the opening melody came to him out of the blue, and added Egyptian motifs to fit in with the game's setting.

Chronicles was originally going to have a sizeable original opening theme, but due to time constraints the majority of it ended up being discarded, much to Connelly's later regret.

Only the opening segment survived. Scored using a full orchestra as opposed to the synthesised instruments of previous titles, it was performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

For Legend , Troels Brun Folmann composed the music and managed the sound effects. Alongside composing a large amount of music for the game, he created micro-scores for small segments within gameplay.

Along with his orchestral style, he created a special instrument to create discordant sounds within the music, and musical elements from around the globe to represent the inhabitants of the game's island location.

Temple of Osiris was the first title in the Lara Croft subseries to have an original score, using Egyptian and Middle Eastern musical elements while creating a new main theme that could be used in future Lara Croft games.

The first Tomb Raider used a custom-built game engine, as other equivalent engines available to Core Design at the time were not versatile enough to realise the team's vision.

The engine was designed by Paul Douglas, who handled the game's artificial intelligence AI and the three-dimensional 3D graphics. The choice of a 3D game was influenced by the team's opinion that the game type was under-represented when compared to first-person shooters such as Doom.

Its 3D style meant multiple elements were difficult to implement, including the AI and camera control. Another noted aspect was the multi-layered levels, as compared to equivalent 3D action-adventure games of the time which were limited to a flat-floor system.

Lara's movements were hand-animated and coordinated rather than created using motion capture. The reason for this was that the team wanted uniformity in her movement, which was not possible with motion capture technology of the time.

The first five games make use of full-motion video cutscenes. For the first three games, they were primarily used as transitional periods depicting Lara moving from one level to another or one location to another.

For Angel of Darkness , a new engine was built from scratch, but due to being unfamiliar and unused to the technology of the PS2, the team encountered multiple problems such as needing to remove areas and characters due to polygon restrictions.

Due to the deadlines imposed, the team were forced to cut corners, meaning that the game reached store shelves in a poor condition.

Both the character of Lara Croft and the concepts behind the Tomb Raider franchise have evolved thematically and in popularity since the first game's release in Upon release, Tomb Raider became an unexpected success, reaching the top of sales charts and remaining for a time.

It went on to sell over 7 million units worldwide. Since the release of Legend , the series has picked up in sales and popularity. Multiple video game journalists, including Electronic Gaming Monthly ' s Crispin Boyer in and Eurogamer 's Martyn Carroll in , have cited the series as a pioneer in the medium, both laying the foundations for and popularising action-adventure and platforming games.

Carrol credited the series for bringing video gaming out into the cultural mainstream. The game appeared in a list of British design icons which included Concorde , Mini , World Wide Web , Grand Theft Auto , K2 telephone box , London tube map , AEC Routemaster bus, and the Supermarine Spitfire.

The character of Lara Croft has similarly enjoyed popularity, standing out during her initial appearance in the male-dominated video game market, and continuing to stand out throughout the series' history.

She similarly was featured in Irish rock band U2 's PopMart Tour. As part of the latter honours, Guinness World Records editor Gaz Deaves said that the character "epitomises all that's great about video gaming".

He cited other writers' statements that her popularity stemmed from player empathy with her ability to survive tough situations, alongside contrasting against weaker female characters such as Princess Peach.

Later, apparently more "realistic" redesigns lessened these criticisms to a degree. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the video game series. For the game, see Tomb Raider video game. For the film, see Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

For the video game, see Tomb Raider video game. For the film, see Tomb Raider film. Video game franchise. The Tomb Raider logo from onwards. Multiple logos have been used through the series' lifetime.

Android Arcade Dreamcast Game Boy Color Game Boy Advance GameCube iOS Linux macOS Microsoft Windows Mobile phone J2ME MS-DOS N-Gage N-Gage 2.

Further information: List of Tomb Raider media. Main article: Lara Croft. See also: List of Tomb Raider media. Archived from the original on 10 May Retrieved 26 June Nixxes Software BV.

Archived from the original on 21 June Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords.

Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery.

Trailers and Videos. DID YOU KNOW? Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Video game adventurer Lara Croft comes to life in a movie where she races against time and villains to recover powerful ancient artifacts.

Director: Simon West. Writers: Sara B. The company plans to revamp Croft's in-game combat abilities. Crystal Dynamics aims to make the "combat fresh to the franchise, competitive amongst [similar games], and relevant to the story.

The studio reasoned that such a system would cause players to be more invested in the action by fostering a "raw, brutal, and desperate" style.

Global brand director Karl Stewart stated that such desperation relates to the updated character's inexperience with violence.

He further commented that Lara Croft is thrust into a situation where she is forced to kill, which will be a traumatic and defining moment for her.

Eidos's German branch and the KMF agency handled marketing for Lara Croft. However, interaction with the press, especially those in Europe, resulted in less clothing depicted in promotional images.

He stated that Eidos primarily focused on game development and viewed such promotion outside video games as exposure for the character. Lara Croft has appeared on the cover of multiple video game magazines.

Music groups have dedicated songs to the character, culminating in the release of the album A Tribute to Lara Croft. Bands and artists including Depeche Mode , Moby , Faith No More , Jimi Tenor , and Apollo donated their songs for the album.

The school approached Eidos about use of the character. Eidos allowed the one-time licence due to Core Design's inclusion of Gordonstoun in Croft's fictional biography without the school's permission.

The foundation felt that the character personified the benefits of a healthy body, and that young teenagers could relate to Croft. Lara Croft's likeness has been a model for merchandise.

The first action figures were produced by Toy Biz , based on the video game version of the character. The quantity prompted Eidos to quickly produce autographed cards to meet demand.

The line included wallets, watches, bathrobes, and Zippo lighters. The exhibit featured selected artwork of the character submitted by artists and fans.

Pieces included oil and airbrushed paintings, photo comics , and Klinnert's model; SZM Studios provided the computer-generated footage it had created for Die Ärzte's music video and the Brigitte magazine television commercial.

Eidos hired several models to portray Lara Croft at publicity events, promotions, trade shows, and photo shoots.

Cook was followed by British actress Rhona Mitra from to Eidos then updated the Croft costume to match its video game depiction.

French model Vanessa Demouy succeeded Mitra for a brief time until fashion model Nell McAndrew took over the role at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Lara Weller followed McAndrew from to Subsequent models were Lucy Clarkson from to and Jill de Jong , who wore a new costume based on Lara Croft's new appearance in Angel of Darkness from to Karima Adebibe became the model from to , and wore a costume based on the updated version of Croft in Legend.

To prepare for the role, Adebibe trained in areas the character was expected to excel in like combat, motorcycling, elocution, and conduct.

Lara Croft's debut is often cited as a catalyst for more female leads in video games. In , Radleigh Homes placed a blue plaque for Croft at the site of Core Design's former offices, now a block of flats.

Movies and IGN credit Jolie's role in the first Tomb Raider film with significantly raising her profile and propelling her to international super-stardom, respectively.

Lara Croft's introduction was widely regarded as an innovation in the video game market, [9] [] [] [] with Rob Smith of PlayStation: The Official Magazine describing her as a video game icon of that generation of games.

PlayStation Magazine stated alternatively that Tomb Raider ' s PlayStation success propelled the character to prominence, making her a mascot for the system.

Crystal Dynamics' rendition of Croft in Legend garnered wide, though not universal, praise; many publications described the portrayal as a successful reboot.

Game Informer named Lara Croft the number six top video game hero of , citing the character's successful reprise in popularity. He praised Eidos's decision to switch developers and Crystal Dynamics' contributions, especially the character's new gameplay manoeuvres and updated appearance.

Mark Griffiths of Nottingham Trent University described Lara Croft as a psychological tabula rasa. Burton added that Croft is perceived differently around the world.

French demographics focus on her sex appeal, while German and British audiences are drawn to her aggressiveness and aloofness, respectively.

Admirers discussed rumours related to Lara Croft via usenet newsgroups and ICQ chats. Lara Croft holds a Guinness World Record as the "most recognized female video game character", [37] [] and received a star on the Walk of Game in San Francisco.

PlayStation Magazine described Croft as "one of today's premier videogame and movie heroes", and Play magazine described her as "3D gaming's first female superstar".

PlayStation Magazine described the character as "one of the biggest stars on the PlayStation". Colin Campbell praised the character, stating that "she shows surprisingly vulnerable insights as she ponders her own life choices.

Lara Croft has become a sex symbol for video games, despite Toby Gard's intentions for her to be sexy "only because of her power".

PlayStation Magazine described Lara Croft as the first video game character openly thought of as sexy, and attributed the appearance of similar 3D characters to her.

Male players have performed in-game actions to make Lara Croft repeatedly say phrases and view closer camera angles of her bust, while pornography featuring the character has been distributed via the internet.

Despite Core Design's denial of such a code, the rumour persisted, fuelled by manipulated nude images.

Reaction from groups have been mixed. The journal Leonardo noted some feminists ' negative reaction to her design; though males were identifying with their feminine side through Croft, she reinforced unrealistic ideals about the female body.

Author Mark Cohen attributed Lara Croft's eroticism among male fans to the character's appearance and a male protective instinct.

German psychologist Oscar Holzberg described the protective behaviour as the result of the opportunity to act as a hero in virtual worlds and a fear of powerful, emancipated women.

Cohen affirmed that despite blatant male appeal, Croft garnered a serious female audience. Smith believed that Croft does not alienate prospective female players, representing an emancipated heroine and not simply an attractive character.

Griffith described Lara Croft as a flawed female influence. He stated that though the character is a step in the right direction, too many women view her as a "crudely realised male fantasy figure".

Ismini Roby of WomenGamers. She stated that the over-sexualized appearance was overlooked because the character was a "breath of fresh air".

However, Roby felt that though Lara Croft's proportions have become more realistic, the character's personality was diluted by the developer's actions to appeal to a male audience.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the video game character. For the American model, see Laura Croft. Tomb Raider protagonist character.

Angelina Jolie — Rachel Appleton ; young Alicia Vikander —present Emily Carey ; young Maisy De Freitas ; young. Shelley Blond [1] Judith Gibbins — [1] Jonell Elliott — [1] Keeley Hawes —, [1] Charlotte Sparey [a] Camilla Luddington —present [2] Abigail Stahlschmidt [1] Harriet Perring [b] Francesca Aston [c] Minnie Driver animated series [1].

Heidi Moneymaker Camilla Luddington —present. See also: List of Tomb Raider media. Angelina Jolie left portrayed Lara Croft in the and films.

Alicia Vikander right played the character in the reboot. We wanted to make a girl that felt familiar, but still has a special quality about her.

Something about the way her eyes look and the expression on her face makes you want to care for her. That was our number one goal.

We wanted to have empathy for Lara, and at the same time show the inner strength that made clear she was going to become a hero.

Jill de Jong. Karima Adebibe. Alison Carroll. Many models have portrayed Lara Croft for promotional appearances, earning the character a Guinness World Record for the "most official real-life stand-ins".

Fast-forward eight years through the evolution of next-gen hardware, multimillion-dollar budgets, and massive acceptance of games in pop culture.

Still, Lara Croft continues to personify an ongoing culture clash over gender, sexuality, empowerment, and objectification. Eidos subsequently acquired CentreGold in April Behind The Voice Actors.

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Future US : Computer and Video Games Presents. Future Publishing 3 : 20— Tomb Raider III: The Adventures of Lara Croft Prima Strategy Guide.

Roseville, California: Prima Games. Hodgson 27 May

Developed by Emerald City Games Belagerung Von Leningrad Square Enix London for iOS and Android devices, Tomb Raider Reloaded is an upcoming action arcade and free-to-play game set to release in Wikimedia Commons. External Reviews. In the original continuities, she is on a plane that crashes in the Himalayas: her journey back to civilization Zwei Asse Trumpfen Auf Stream the odds help to begin her Andras Schiff towards her adult life as an adventuress and treasure hunter. The Last Revelation. Overall Reviews:. MNS games. The site's consensus is "Angelina Jolie is perfect for the role of Lara Croft, but even she can't Quicksand Serie the movie Forum Sdl a senseless plot and action sequences with no emotional impact". This section possibly contains original research. Archived from the original on 28 October Sturm Der Li Sites. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Does this follow the storyline of the original game? Watch the video. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is a action adventure film based on the Tomb Raider video game series featuring the character Lara Croft, portrayed by Angelina international co-production between the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany, it was directed by Simon West and revolves around Lara Croft trying to obtain ancient artifacts from the Illuminati. Lara Croft is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the video game franchise Tomb is presented as a highly intelligent and athletic English archaeologist who ventures into ancient tombs and hazardous ruins around the world. Beautiful and brainy, Lara (Angelina Jolie) is the heroine of Eidos Interactive's phenomenally successful "Tomb Raider" game series. It is one woman's fearless quest criss-crossing the globe, in an. Storyline The orphaned heiress and intrepid archaeologist, Lara Croft, embarks on a dangerous quest to retrieve the two halves of an ancient artefact which controls time before it falls into the wrong hands. Lara Croft is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the video game franchise Tomb is presented as a highly intelligent and athletic English archaeologist who ventures into ancient tombs and hazardous ruins around the world. Lara Crofts Vater, der weltberühmte Archäologe Lord Croft, ist verschollen und gilt als tot. Eines Nachts erhält Lara im Traum einen Hinweis von ihm und begibt sich daraufhin auf die Suche nach einem magischen Artefakt mit großen Kräften. Sie hat. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider ist ein Abenteuerfilm des Regisseurs Simon West aus dem Jahr mit Angelina Jolie in der Hauptrolle. Der Film basiert auf der. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – Die Wiege des Lebens ist ein Abenteuerfilm des Regisseurs Jan de Bont aus dem Jahr mit Angelina Jolie in der Hauptrolle der. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. ()IMDb 5,81 Std. 36 MinX-Ray Ungewollt gerät die Tochter des verschollenen Archäologen Lord Croft ins Fadenkreuz. Experience Lara Croft's defining moment in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Tomb Raider explores the intense and gritty origin story of Lara Croft and her ascent from a young woman to a hardened survivor. Armed only with raw instincts and the ability to push beyond the limits of human endurance, Lara must fight to unravel the dark history of a 10/10(K). 1/11/ · 10 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Though it may not have been successful amongst critics, Lara Craft: Tomb Raider was one of Angelina Jolie’s highest-grossing movies. Being seen as cinema’s female Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider ’s effects are messy, even for its time, and the screenplay lacks all logic, as she shoots at metal robots in which the.
Lara Croft Tomb Raider
Lara Croft Tomb Raider In the Legend continuity, her mother Amelia was involved in the crash, and she is partially driven by the need to discover the truth behind her mother's disappearance and vindicate her father's theories about Amelia's disappearance. Archived from the original on 28 July Die Zehn Gebote 1956 Ganzer Film Burns Chuck Bass Gordon Gekko Jeffrey Lebowski. Archived from the original on 10 September

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Während der Handlung des Filmes wird deutlich, dass Ice Age Kostenlos Anschauen Illuminaten, spätestens seit Lord Crofts Ausscheiden, die negativen Charaktere personifizieren.
Lara Croft Tomb Raider Hoffentlich klammern sich Generationen jugendlicher Mädchen an die neue Lara, so wie es damals Leeanna Walsman mit Jolies Figur getan haben. In dem geheimen Zimmer erfährt Lara durch eine zuvor von ihrem Vater aufgezeichnete Videobotschaft, dass dieser sich neben dem Geschäftsleben intensiv mit den Mythen der japanischen Königin HimikoHerrscherin über das Reich Yamataibeschäftigt hatte, bevor er verschwand. Lord Borzi.

Unter Profil Unexpected Deutsch Gert whlen Sie iPhone 7 aus, Lara Croft Tomb Raider und selbstproduzierten Doku Soaps Lara Croft Tomb Raider Kochshows beim Publikum punktet. - Navigationsmenü

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