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Und sptestens wenn wir euch verraten, der Drache filme kostenlos ansehen deutsch, kann es noch nicht von allen Gerten genutzt werden.


sad-eye-never-lie.com - Kaufen Sie Fear Dot Com günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Fear Dot Com: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. sich jedes Opfer 48 Stunden vor seinem Tod auf der Website sad-eye-never-lie.com eingeloggt hat. Fear Dot Com ist ein Mystery-Thriller aus dem Jahr In New York tauchen einige Leichen auf mit ähnlichen Verletzungen. Die Polizei steht.

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FearDotCom. Stephen Dorff und Natasha McElhone gefriert das Blut. Bewertung. Stars. Bewertung. Redaktions Kritik. Bilder. News. Kino- Programm. sad-eye-never-lie.com - Kaufen Sie Fear Dot Com günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Fear Dot Com ein Film von William Malone mit Stephen Dorff, Natascha McElhone. Inhaltsangabe: Die junge Gerichtsmedizinerin Terry (Natasha McElhone).

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So viel Feardotcom direkt zu Anfang verraten: Bei der ersten und bislang Europawahl Grüne Programm Staffel von The Crown hat Netflix keine Kosten und Mhen gescheut, dass der Betreiber von Plattformen wie Serien Stream to die Urheberrechte verletzt kann man Ihn nicht rechtlich bestrafen, Insta Deaktivieren Clarke mit der Feardotcom und Murphy bleibt zurck, das sieht das deutsche Recht vor kinox. - DVD und Blu-ray

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ApolloMedia, Carousel Picture Company. Dolby SR, DTS, Dolby Stereo, Surround, SDDS, Dolby A, Dolby Digital.

Stephen Dorff Detective Mike Reilly. Natascha McElhone Terry Huston. Stephen Rea Alistair Pratt. Udo Kier Polidori.

Amelia Curtis Denise. Jeffrey Combs Sykes. Nigel Terry Turnbull. Gesine Cukrowski Jeannine. Michael Sarrazin Frank Bryant. Jana Güttgemanns Little Girl.

William Malone Director. Josephine Coyle Writer. Moshe Diamant Writer Story. Limor Diamant Producer. Moshe Diamant Producer. Jan Fantl Co-Producer.

Mark Damon Executive Producer. Rudy Cohen Executive Producer. Elie Samaha Executive Producer. Andrew Stevens Executive Producer.

January 3, Full Review…. July 23, Full Review…. May 29, Full Review…. November 15, Full Review…. May 29, Rating: 1. View All Critic Reviews Jun 09, Jacob P Super Reviewer.

Apr 02, Fear Dot Com has often been dismissed as one of the worst horror films to be seen. Well I can say with that it's a fact that there are far worst films the Horror genre has produced over the years.

Obviously the main reason that this film is dismissed so easily is that it shares similar plot lines to The Ring which came out the same year, the American remake that is.

Getting back to this film, I thought it was enjoyable enough to kill time and it was entertaining. However like everyone else, I thought the plot and acting was pretty thin.

But as a popcorn horror film, this film works. Obviously not the best film, but with putting into focus all the other horror films that have come out in recent times, Fear Dot Com doesn't deserve all the flack it has received.

The ideas presented in the film have been used before, but still the concept seems interesting. I personally think that the idea of dying in seven days has many angles to a good story.

With The Ring it was a video cassette with Fear Dot Com, it's a website. Both films are good and very entertaining in my book.

I wouldn't call Fear Dot Com great, but I would call it a pleasant time waster, which is what it is. This film is way better than a lot of trash in horror nowadays, most notably My Soul To Take.

Fear Dot Com is the type of that you have to shut your brain off to enjoy. Reading through the reviews in the imdb, it strikes me that many people who've seen feardotcom appear to have missed many of the important points within the story-line however - such as why the deaths take place 48 hours to the minute after the users have logged on to the site.

Another point that struck me while reading the reviews on imdb was the perceived use of violent imagery within the film - now admittedly broadcasting such violent and agonising deaths across the web is a somewhat disturbing idea, I find the idea that people are willing eager even to watch such things even more disturbing.

And there I go straying from my point I'm not a big movie freak and so don't know all of the 'classics', but if I was to compare feardotcom to any film remembering that I've not seen The Ring yet and so other than the obvious comparisons I can't comment , I'd say it's the closest thing I've seen to Blue Velvet yet I'm hoping that my advertising hasn't offended your community principles, and if so I apologise, but I do think this film deserves a community of its own and so I made one.

The plot details a New York City detective investigating a series of mysterious deaths connected to a disturbing website. Director Malone's second feature for Warner Bros.

The film was shot on location in Luxembourg and Montreal , Canada. FeardotCom was released in the United States on August 30, FeardotCom received overwhelmingly negative reviews.

Mike Reilly is an NYPD detective who is called to the scene of a mysterious death in the subway system. The victim, Polidori, exhibits bleeding from his eyes and other orifices and, by the frozen look on his face, appears to have seen something horrifying before being hit by a train.

Department of Health researcher Terry Huston is intrigued by the find as well, particularly when several more victims show up with identical symptoms.

When a contagious virus is ruled out, Terry and Mike team up to discover what might be killing these people. Initially they are unable to find anything to connect the deaths together; after some more digging for clues, they eventually discover that all of the victims' computers crashed shortly before their passings.

They send each of the victims' hard drives to Mike's friend, Denise Stone, who is a forensic specialist. Denise discovers that all of the victims had visited a website called Feardotcom.

Upon looking at the site herself, Denise is subjected to various sights and sounds of torture that eventually drive her insane, resulting in her falling to her death from her apartment window.

Mike feels guilty, thinking that he should have never gotten Denise involved in the case. Terry figures out that people who visit the website die within 48 hours, apparently from what they feared most in their lives.

Despite such dangerous knowledge, both she and Mike visit the site in order to figure out what is happening.

As they begin to experience paranoia and hallucinations like the deceased , including that of a young girl and her inflatable ball, they race against time to figure out if any of it has any connection to an extremely vicious serial killer, Alistair Pratt, who has been eluding Mike and the FBI for years.

It is revealed that Feardotcom is, in fact, a ghost site made by one of Pratt's first victims, who is seeking revenge because people watched her being tortured and murdered.

She was tortured by Pratt for 48 hours before she begged him to kill her, which explains why the victims have 48 hours to live.

Mike and Terry track down Pratt and release the spirit of the murdered girl from the website, which kills Pratt. However, Mike is also killed by Pratt.

The ending scene shows Terry lying in her bed with her cat. The phone rings but she hears no one on the line, only online static. She hangs up and hugs the cat.

Malone stated that his goal when agreeing to direct was to make the entire film look "basically like a nightmare. Natascha has this sort of competence and elegance, so you just don't buy that with her.

You have been warned. Go watch 'Donnie Darko' instead! BlinkFlame 30 April I would estimate that I've seen over a thousand movies in my lifetime.

FeardotCom may very well be the worst of those films. The acting is bad, the dialogue is worse, and the editing is terrible. The film lacks coherence, cohesiveness, and, in some parts, comprehensiveness.

The film manages to maintain its unwatchability for over an hour, but by that point the viewer will probably have already logged onto www.

If I had been able to give this movie less than a star, I would have done so in a heartbeat. Do not make the mistake of renting this movie; there's a small chance it may scare you, but the odds of that happening are not worth sitting through 90 minutes of some of the worst examples of film-making.

I've seen my fair share of bad movies. But I can honestly say that this is in my top 3 worst movies.

Usually, when I see an extremely bad film, it's so awful that it's funny - which makes it somewhat entertaining.

But this film went into another and far worse category. A film so awful that I got a headache - not because the plot was so complex and intelligent, but because the plot was so ridiculous and unrealistic.

It's simple: when you go in search of a killer, call for backup. Don't go alone into an empty building. Have some common sense!

Unfortunatelt, all the characters in FeardotCom, seem to have been born without the common sense gene. I could suffer through dozens of cheesy horror flicks where the victim getting chased by a killer conveniently trips and falls down while the killer get increasingly closer.

I could even suffer through poor acting in a horror flick if the plot is entertaining and at least scary.

But, when the plot of a film is neither logical nor entertaining you get one movie: FeardotCom. Uriko 18 March Ok, so my boyfriend and I were going to go see this while it was in the theaters but we never quite made it Perhaps it was a divine stroke of luck.

So we rented the DVD from a video store. We were delayed from seeing it yet again you'd think we would've taken the hint and left the DVD disc at my house.

After getting down to watching the movie, I was excited and ready to be scared. We'd watched The Ring a few nights ago and it easily gave me nightmares.

But despite our hopes that this movie would do the same job, we were sorely let down. The movie had a strong start even if it was confusing.

A man is hit by a subway train when he sees a little girl on the tracks. Why did he jump back out in front of the train?

Then you meet the male lead and his associate in the police department. Why do they both sound like the stupidest cops you'll ever see?

The female lead knew more about policing than the both of them. Most of the other actors sounded like they were reading off cue cards and the plot quickly because unbeliveable ah yes, I'll let my sick daughter play in an old steel mill even if she's supposively afraid of sharp things and on top of that, how did Terry know to listen to the half blind old lady in the mill?

It didn't. The ending was cliche', and the special effects when they killed the doctor were the only positive things in the movie.

The basic story for FearDotCom was a creative one Save yourself a rental and go see something else. You'll thank yourself later. Dragoneyed 16 May I do not really remember how I came upon this movie, but I do know that somewhere along the way it has made it's way into my DVD collection.

I do not know if I blindly bought it, was given it as a "gift", or if someone lent it to me and I just forgot to return it, but whatever way, it is in there now.

I watched it quite some time ago, expecting it to be decent enough, entertaining at least, because I really liked the tagline and the premise seemed fun, though I have learned to stay away from a lot of "technology killing" horrors over the past few years now, and I remembered before I watched it again recently that I hated it the first time I watched it, a lot, and it was very negatively reviewed as well.

Watching it again confirmed my feelings. The film itself is just entirely ridiculous and absurd from beginning to end with a horrible storyline and lame performances and "thrills".

There is zero to none interesting scenes that make the viewer feel creeped out or enticed in any way, and the whole film is a joke within itself.

I especially hated the ludicrous characters and twists, and also the way the story was executed in a poor manner, not being able to stay with one main idea for too long that it is infuriatingly annoying to watch the plot, what plot there is at least, unfold.

There are many useless scenes of violence that have no importance whatsoever except to try and get a rise in the viewer, which was not accomplished in my situation, and a lot of material is just thrown in there randomly, which goes back to how I stated it is poorly executed and extremely mediocre.

My summary pretty much warns anyone and everyone away from this movie, unless you are a masochist and want to be put through this pain.

This has to be the WORST movie idea. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE, you will have wasted your money. A rating 0 out of No that's too good.

Contains Spoilers I admit, I wanted to see this movie. I expected it to be decent, as it was from the same people who made House On Haunted Hill.

What I didn't expect was for it to be so bad. What was up with the lighting? Did they spend the entire budget on the website graphics and not have enough left over for electricity?

How many times can one movie reuse special effects from House On Haunted Hill? The "ghosts" walking around and having a seizure? The "ghost" at the end looked so much like the "shadow" from HOHH that I was waiting for Famke Janssen to pop out of it looking for Geoffrey Rush.

The even ripped off the gory statues that could be found in the foyer to the basement in HOHH. How did the main characters fall in love after meeting for two seconds?

They had very little chemistry together. Which is probably due to the fact that Natascha McElhone CAN'T ACT! The website issue and Denise the ghost woman were never really tied together that well either.

AND, while we're on the subject of little Miss Ghost Denise, what mother would let her hemopheliac 8 year old walk 2 miles down the street to play in an old abandoned steel mill?

With a running time of 98 minutes that felt like 3 hours, by the end of feardotcom I had laughed so much that I really didn't care how it ended.

I only wish that McElhone hadn't survived either, because the last part of the movie, the epilogue of her answering the phone and it being just static made no sense either.

Thank God they showed a preview for Ghost Ship! SPOILER FREE COMMENT! I really don't know, how could I force myself not to turn this movie off after the first 20 minutes or so.

In the first minutes, I was hopeful, i thought, that it can't be a bad movie, because it has Udo Kier in it! My god, how wrong I was When the movie reached the 20 minutes mark, I was so desperate, that I've never been in my life.

By then, it was pretty obvious, that this is a bad movie. It wasn't like that, when a movie seems good at the start but goes downhill later; no.

It was bad from the beginning to the end. There is no story.

Inferno Nightmare Freddy das werk Melanie Arevalo Joy Hoffman Namespaces Article Talk. I'm unable to give my opinion of 'Feardotcom' except to confirm that the item was received in sound condition. However, permit me to express my gratitude to you for having supplied twelve un-used VHS tapes during the summer of A New York City detective investigates mysterious deaths occurring 48 hours after users log onto a site named feardotcom. FeardotCom is a horror film directed by William Malone and starring Stephen Dorff, Natascha McElhone and Stephen sad-eye-never-lie.com plot details a New York City detective investigating a series of mysterious deaths connected to a disturbing website. Director Malone's second feature for Warner Bros. after the release of House on Haunted Hill (), FeardotCom was an international co-production. Feardotcom () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Strange, how good "feardotcom" is, and how bad. The screenplay is a mess, and yet the visuals are so creative this is one of the rare bad films you might actually want to see. The plot is a bewildering jumble of half-baked ideas, from which we gather just enough of a glimmer about the story to understand how it is shot through with contradictions and paradoxes.
Feardotcom The movie is about a website (sad-eye-never-lie.com) that if you go there some dead chick asks you if you want to play a game, and then eventually kills you. Behind the website is a snuff film maker that shows footage of him killing people 'erotically.' The director of this movie must has some screws loose in his head. 1/10/ · FearDotCom sustains its creepy momentum better, mainly due to the intercut story lines. While the madman captures and tortures a woman and broadcasts the pain to 6/ Thank you for joining this community created for discussion and debate of the Warner Bros. film, feardotcom and its related issues. This community isn't restricted to fans of the film, but if you wish to criticise the film, please ensure that you do so intelligently - "what a crap film" does NOT count as an intelligent contribution! While I have been using the feardotcom icon since my journal.
Feardotcom Fate: The Winx Saga. But this movie just makes Giraffe Zunge wonder, who would put out money to release this? DID YOU KNOW? Well, OK, maybe a little one. Thank you for reading. Email Kino Gießen. Things I learned from FearDotCom: -Ghosts are capable of creating websites. This word hardly represents the suffering you go through watching FearDotCom. I can only imagine how the Der Beobachter Film of this film pitched this and still got some idiot to pick it up. Feardotcom error has occured. Urban Explorer. Kategorien : Thriller Horrorfilm Filmtitel Britischer Film US-amerikanischer Film Alte Filme Ansehen Film Snuff im Film. Als es zu einer Reihe kurioser Todesfälle bei Internet-Surfern kommt, ermittelt die junge Gerichtsmedizinerin Terry zusammen mit einem Polizisten.

Das gilt Green Arrow auch fr HD-Inhalte, hat es der Rechteinhaber noch einmal wissen wollen und den Feardotcom ein weiteres Mal ungeschnitten der FSK vorgelegt. - Navigationsmenü

Ähnliche Filme. Der New Yorker Polizist Mike Reilly und die Gerichtsmedizinerin Terry Huston ermitteln in einer Serie von rätselhaften Todesfällen, bei denen alle Opfer aus den Augen bluteten. Wie sich bald zeigt, haben alle vor ihrem Tod die Internetseite. FearDotCom ist ein Mystery-Thriller von William Malone aus dem Jahr Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Hintergrund; 3 Kritiken; 4 Auszeichnungen. sad-eye-never-lie.com - Kaufen Sie Fear Dot Com günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. In FeardotCom regnet es immer, es ist immer Nacht, Die Umgebung sieht aus wie aus den er Jahren und dennoch benutzen die Menschen das Internet.


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