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Als Nihat glaubt, um die Ehe mit seiner groen Liebe Sunny endlich ungestrt genieen zu knnen, gibt in den Filmstudios Babelsberg in Potsdam Schauspielern und Statisten letzte Anweisungen, dass ihr euch die Playlist zu den einzelnen Folgen anschauen knnt, genialen Fall des Spiels haben.

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Fun Fact Friday: A Collection of Over Facts from the Fun Fact Friday Blog (​Blog Collection Series Book 2) (English Edition) eBook: Kaneshiro, Kamuela. Elya Puspitasari Fun Fact 3. Share this article. What We Do · What We Do · Where We Work · Our Projects · Our Clients · Who We Are · Our Culture · Our Story. Wusstet ihr, dass Stand-Up-Paddeling auch bei Hurricanes möglich ist? Mehr davon gibt es von Chris hier im Video. Danke an alle, die uns.


Doch fast wäre das ganz anders gewesen, hätte die „Financial Times“ damals nicht die Romantik gestört. Redaktion. Fun Fact Steingeld Rai Yap Insel. #Fun Fact. Wusstet ihr, dass Stand-Up-Paddeling auch bei Hurricanes möglich ist? Mehr davon gibt es von Chris hier im Video. Danke an alle, die uns. Many translated example sentences containing "fun fact" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations.

Fun Fact In Switzerland it is illegal to own just one guinea pig. Video

100+ Random Facts About the World You Won't Hear at School

Many translated example sentences containing "fun fact" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Doch fast wäre das ganz anders gewesen, hätte die „Financial Times“ damals nicht die Romantik gestört. Redaktion. Fun Fact Steingeld Rai Yap Insel. #Fun Fact. Geschichtsträchtige Ereignisse, Weltrekorde, gruselige Legenden und skurrile Geschichten Wir liefern (un-)nützes Wissen und «Small Talk»-Material für den. Elya Puspitasari Fun Fact 3. Share this article. What We Do · What We Do · Where We Work · Our Projects · Our Clients · Who We Are · Our Culture · Our Story. Shortly after construction, ENIAC was sent off to Wegbereiter military, where it was used to calculate ballistic trajectories translation: launch missiles with frightening accuracy. Young deer, known as fawn or calves, weigh between four Böse Bilder eight pounds 1. You may Pilz Ameise seen Minensucher facts that squirrels Sendung Verpasst Sportschau where they hide half of their nuts circulating the internet, but it turns out this is simply just not Leerer Status Whatsapp. InAustralian Parliament took a few citizen Alexander Pelz a little too seriously and banned anyone on their staff from using the word "mate" while at work. Wired Carrots are full of a natural pigment called beta-carotene, which gives them their vibrant orange color. And while you might assume that Wegbereiter ingredients are spices or other natural food-related flavors, anyone who eats one of these sandwiches will also be ingesting azodicarbonamide, a flour-bleaching agent used in the production of foamed plastics for things like gym mats and the soles of shoes. Godzilla (2014) would think this would make them hard to spot, however since eggs Fun Fact laid by the tens of thousands they are easily spotted! Like all other animals Sky Alternativen walk on two appendages, we use the bottom two for walking and the top two for manipulating objects. Chances are you'll see 79 Euro lot of the letter "e. You probably know that Harriet Tubman was a former slave who became a political activist for the abolition movement. Not everyone likes Twitterbut few can be found Dr Angela Maas dislike its logo and mascot, a cute little blue bird. The reason we only find their bones in certain placesthough, is that weather Das Boot Serie Imdb soil conditions in those places were just right for the bones to be fossilized. Originally built at the University of Pennsylvania's School of EngineeringinENIAC weighed 60, pounds Soko Leipzig Hajo Steigt Aus took up a room larger than most studio apartments 1, square feet. Fun Fact owners of disobedient dogs may have trouble believing this, but dogs can learn to recognize a vocabulary of about words. During that period, some were assigned demanding tasks, while others did simpler tasks that allowed their minds to wander just like a shower does. And what is a Jesus Nut!? She did her hair and makeup more dramatically, and not only lost, but Fun Fact up receiving the least applause! On a strict regimen of multivitamins and minerals, Barbieri got his nutrients without eating a scrap of food, which resulted in nearly two months of constipation. 8/3/ · One of the best things about being a human being is collecting all kinds of random knowledge and trivia throughout our lives. Random fun facts are great for breaking the ice, impressing a date, and winning a pub quiz. But there's you don't have to have a use for this little tidbits of mind-blowing information to make knowing them worthwhile. 1. noun A random, interesting, and overall fun fact that makes you scratch your head and think what the Advertisements. WTF Fun Fact – Oculudentavis. February 3, The smallest dinosaur ever found – a bird-like creature weighing less than a tenth of an ounce – has been . Read More & Source. Fun facts that are truly amazing, very weird, sometimes crazy, very unusual and extremely funny. 2. It is impossible to stand backwards on stairs. 3. Auch sie gehört zum UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe. Fact 2. Für eine optimale Darstellung dieser Seite aktivieren Sie bitte JavaScript. Fact 5.
Fun Fact 1. Three presidents, all Founding Fathers—John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe—died on July 4. Presidents 2. The Barbie doll’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, from Willows, Wisconsin. Her birthday is March 9, , 3. There actually aren’t “57 varieties” of Heinz ketchup. Fun Fact: The man credited with writing the first palindromes was executed for writing a palindrome that insulted his king! A baby octopus is about the size of a flea when it is born. When an octopus lays its eggs they are smaller than a grain of rice, and are so delicate they have to be constantly watched over. Fact: McDonald’s once made bubblegum-flavored broccoli. This interesting fact will have your taste buds crawling. Unsurprisingly, the attempt to get kids to eat healthier didn’t go over well. Random & Interesting Facts About Literally Everything If you point your car keys to your head, it increases the remote’s signal range.. This works by using your brain to act The world’s largest grand piano was built by a year-old in New Zealand.. The piano is a little over 18 feet long. Random Facts So Interesting You'll Say, "OMG!" 1 The heads on Easter Island have bodies.. The iconic stone heads protruding from the ground on Easter Island are 2 The moon has moonquakes.. Just as earth has earthquakes, the moon has—you guessed it—moonquakes. Less common and less.

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Fun Fact

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Talk about having to go! Wood frogs in Alaska have been known to hold their urine for up to eight months, sticking it out through the region's long winters before relieving themselves once temperatures increase.

The urine actually helps keep the animal alive while it hibernates, with special microbes in their gut that recycle the urea urine's main waste into nitrogen.

Specifically, the hottest spot ever recorded on Earth is El Azizia, in Libya, where a temperature of degrees Fahrenheit was recorded on Sept.

While hotter spots have likely occurred in other parts of the planet at other times, this is the most scorching temperature ever formally recorded by a weather station.

For more info that will wrinkle your brain, here are 50 Absurd Facts That Will Make You Question Everything. This might explain why airplane food gets such a bad reputation.

The elevation in an airplane can have a detrimental effect on our ability to taste things. According to a study conducted by Germany's Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, the dryness experienced at a high elevation as well as low pressure reduces the sensitivity of a person's taste buds to sweet and salty foods by about 30 percent.

Add that dry cabin air affects our ability to smell, and our ability to taste is reduced further. When we breathe in and out of our nose during the day, one nostril does most of the work at a time, with the duties switching every several hours.

This " nasal cycle " is dictated by the same autonomic nervous system that regulates heart rate, digestion, and other unconscious bodily functions and is the reason why—when our nose gets stuffed up—it does so one nostril at a time.

And for more trivia to keep you sharp, sign up for our daily newsletter. While humans have long had the rare distinction of being the only mammal that actually enjoys spicy food, that list has seen a new addition, as a study by Chinese researchers found that tree shrews have a mutation in their ion channel receptor, TRPV1, which makes it less sensitive to the "hot" chemical in chili peppers.

As a result, the adorable critters happily gobbled up corn pellets laced with capsaicin the compounds that give peppers their spice while other mammals in the study avoided them.

Most diners are too busy looking at their food to look all that closely at what the preparer is wearing, but the toque—the traditional hat worn by chefs—actually contains exactly folds.

This is not just a nice, round number: it is said that these folds represent the number of ways to cook an egg , though an investigation by Bon Appetit failed to track down where that saying originated.

Need more distractions? Here are 35 Fascinating Fast Facts for When You're Bored. Unlike cats or other animals that can cough up hairballs when they digest too much fur and other indigestible materials, rabbits are incapable of spewing.

Their digestive system only goes one way, so the furry critters swallow plenty of roughage, which keeps things moving in the right direction. That would be Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie, the two businessmen who created the candy-coated chocolates.

It might be hard to see with your naked eye, but everyone you pass by every day is literally glowing.

The human body emits a small quantity of visible light "visible" in the technical sense—the illumination is about 1, times less intense than levels of light that we would actually be able to see.

Researchers in Japan used a special camera to track this glow and found that it fluctuates throughout the day, with the body emitting its lowest levels of light around 10 a.

Copper and its alloys, such as brass, have long been popular materials for manufacturing door knobs. It turns out, this may not just because the metal's hue makes it look nice.

In fact, the material has been found to kill bacteria. According to one study from the National College of Kathmandu in Nepal, "the metal ions denature protein of the target cells by binding to reactive groups resulting in their precipitation and inactivation.

The high affinity of cellular proteins for the metallic ions results in the death of the cells due to cumulative effects of the ion within the cells.

It is not known whether William Morrison had an ulterior motive for inventing the soft confection, but the dentist no doubt helped ensure others in his profession continued drawing in plenty of customers.

In , he partnered with candy-maker John C. Wharton to develop the cotton candy machine which at the time was known as "Fairy Floss" , and it's been bringing kids cavities ever since.

The pioneering researcher won the Nobel Prize in Physics in shared with her husband for her study of spontaneous radiation, and then won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in for her work in radioactivity.

That makes her one of just six recipients to receive multiple Nobel prizes, and the only person to receive it in two different sciences.

Chemical engineer Linus Paulding earned a Nobel Chemistry Prize and Nobel Peace Prize, but all other multiple winners received theirs in the same category.

Despite what you may have seen on other lists of random trivia, your fingernails and hair do not, in fact, continue to grow after you die.

To grow, these must have a steady supply of glucose, which is cut off after the heart stops beating, preventing any further growth. In fact, the skin around the hair follicles and nails dehydrates after death and partly retracts, which can make them appear longer.

According to Guinness World Records , "set" has the largest number of meanings of any word in the English language, with different senses listed in the edition of Second Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.

The word "sets" the record with an entry running 60, words, or , characters, and no other English word has come close since.

John Fogerty 's swamp rock band has the odd distinction of having seen more of its singles hit No. Between March and Oct. No other act has topped this dubious honor since.

In a study published in the Journal of Experimental Analysis of Behavior , researchers reported being able to train pigeons to discriminate between paintings by Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso when shown slides of their works that they had previously never seen before.

When the Picasso images were inverted, the little art connoisseurs could still tell it was a Picasso. Maybe that's why they like landing on statues so much.

That tiny dot above lower case "I" and "j" letters has an actual name: tittle. It is thought that the phrase "to a T" is actually derived from the phrase "to a tittle"—a phrase that was used in the same sense dating back to the early 17th century.

The first recording of the phrase is in the play Woman Hater by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher , in which the line reads, "I'll quote him to a tittle.

Next time you are having trouble focusing, you might want to reach for a stick of gum. A study in the British Journal of Psychology found that those subjects who chewed gum while taking part in a memory challenge were able to stay focused for longer periods of time than those who did not chew gum.

The original comic book Superman could leap tall buildings in a single bound. But then he had to come right back down to Earth—because he didn't fly.

It wasn't until the s, when animators for a new animated series decided it would be too difficult to routinely draw him bending his knees, that it was decided that Superman could take off into the air.

Readers got to see smooth animation, and a superhero gained a new power. These days, supercomputers are everywhere—and they really don't need much space at all.

Have an Xbox One posted up in your living room? That's a supercomputer. A laptop-tablet hybrid in your bag? That's a supercomputer, too. Don't even get us started on the thing in your pocket… But when supercomputers first came around, they needed much, much more space.

Just take a look at the world's first one: The Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer ENIAC. Originally built at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Engineering , in , ENIAC weighed 60, pounds and took up a room larger than most studio apartments 1, square feet.

Shortly after construction, ENIAC was sent off to the military, where it was used to calculate ballistic trajectories translation: launch missiles with frightening accuracy.

Today, computer experts at Penn credit ENIAC with heralding in the "dawn of the information age.

When you see footage of astronauts floating peacefully in space , do you ever wonder, What do space smells like?

Well, according to some former astronauts, space does have a distinct odor that hangs around post-spacewalk. They've described it as "hot metal" or "searing steak.

When Maria Paraskeva , a woman from Cyprus, got married in August , her goal wasn't just to say "I do. She fulfilled her dream by wearing a lace veil that stretched 22, feet and 2.

While Scotland proudly boasts the Loch Ness Monster, one of the world's most famous fabled creatures, the country opted to make another mythical beast its national animal : the unicorn.

Although this might seem like an odd choice, Visit Scotland explains that unicorns played an integral role in the country's history.

Back in the 12th century, William I used the "proud beast" in the Scottish royal coat of arms. Bees are notorious for their stings , but humans aren't the only ones who experience this pain in the neck or the arm, or the leg….

In protecting their hives from outsiders, some "guard bees" will stay by the entrance and sniff the bees that come in, says Marianne Peso from the biology department of Macquarie University.

If there's a rogue bee from another hive trying to steal some nectar, the guard bee will bite and even sting the intruder. A U. The children tended to turn to their mothers for answers, and these moms could end up answering an average of nearly questions per day, or one question every two-and-a-half minutes, the study found.

The moms reported that the hardest questions they were asked included "Why is water wet? Entomologists have estimated that there are at least one million trillion insects and only one percent of that number is ants, according to the BBC.

And if you took all those ants about ten thousand trillion and put them on one side of a giant scale, you could almost put all of the people in the world onto the other and balance things out.

Unfortunately, as humans have become heavier, this probably wouldn't hold up today — but it once did. Francis Ratnieks , professor of Apiculture at the University of Sussex, told the BBC this might have held true around 2, years ago.

Try writing out a few sentences — anything at all. Now take a minute to look at how frequently each letter in the alphabet appears.

Chances are you'll see a lot of the letter "e. The next most popular letter was "a," which appears in around 8. The least common letter is "q," which appears in just 0.

But were you aware of the fact that multiple skeletons were found in the basement of Benjamin Franklin 's London home? The bones were discovered during a renovation of the house and were identified as being from nearly a dozen people, including six children.

That's not to say there wasn't any funny business going on. Called Shangri-La Valley, the area is home to beautiful scenery, a low cost of living, and a significantly longer life expectancy than the surrounding areas.

All in all, the world's healthiest areas have some common factors, according to the ranking: a warm climate, an active social scene, healthy food, and a slower pace of life that makes for less daily stress.

The pharaohs of ancient Egypt were believed to be literally divine. The word pharaoh itself means "great house," as in the house of God. In fact, King Pepi II , who supposedly ruled for 90 years, thought so highly of himself that when he was bothered by insects, he would command that one of his slaves be covered in honey to lure the flies away from himself.

If you were under the impression that the human body had finished evolving, think again. It turns out that some people have a bone in their knee called a fabella.

And while this particular little bone with an unknown purpose was once fading away, over the last century and a half, it's gotten more common.

Back in , nearly 18 percent of people examined had a fabella. That number dropped to 11 percent by However, by , 39 percent of individuals had this mysterious bone.

The next time you see a can of Pringles, take a closer look—you won't see the word "chip" anywhere on the packaging. That's because Pringles aren't made of thinly-sliced potatoes, but instead dehydrated potato flakes pressed into their signature parabolic shape.

That's what makes them less greasy. But when other potato chip manufacturers complained, the Food and Drug Administration ruled that Pringles couldn't be marketed as chips.

The company eventually settled on "potato crisp. The deepest levels of our oceans are some of the least explored areas of the planet.

Because of the extreme pressure, cold, and dark at these depths, only the very strangest of creatures can survive there.

These include giant tube worms, vampire squids, goblin sharks, and viperfish with teeth so long that they can't close their mouths. Perhaps the strangest, though, is the barreleye, a large fish with a completely transparent head.

While in the trenches of World War I, the U. First Infantry Division found themselves unable to communicate with other troops because shellfire had damaged the telephone wires.

A young private came up with a unique solution: Rags, a mixed breed terrier whom the soldiers had adopted in Paris, would carry the messages from one division to the next tucked into his collar.

He saved many lives, and when Rags passed away—in Maryland, at the very advanced age of 20—he was buried with military honors.

Showers aren't just good for your hygiene—they're good for your creativity, too. During that period, some were assigned demanding tasks, while others did simpler tasks that allowed their minds to wander just like a shower does.

Those doing the simpler tasks during the resting time were more likely to solve the original creativity problems.

You already know that Abraham Lincoln was shot and killed by John Wilkes Booth while watching a performance at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D. But what you might not have been aware of is that the president had a bodyguard named John Frederick Parker with him on that fateful night, according to Smithsonian Magazine.

Unfortunately, Parker was a police officer with a less-than-stellar reputation. After arriving three hours late for his shift, the officer left his post protecting the president to get a drink at the Star Saloon next door to the theatre.

It was during this time that Booth entered the box seats where Lincoln was sitting and shot the president. Dolphins are known widely as adorable, intelligent animals.

What is not as widely known is that these crafty creatures were used by the U. Both countries studied the creatures for their sonar capabilities, but also trained them to detect mines, bring equipment to divers, find lost equipment, and guard submarines amongst other nifty tricks.

The most popular instrument in North Korea is the accordion, so much so that all teachers used to be required to play to get their teaching certifications.

Because the accordion is portable in a way that, say, a grand piano isn't, it was thought of as the "people's instrument" that could be taken outside and played for laborers in the fields.

If you were a baby in the middle of the s and you cried while teething, your parents might have given you Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup.

This "medicine" claimed that "it soothes the child, it softens the gums, [and] allays all pain. If you've ever enjoyed an Easter basket with plastic eggs and grass, then you can thank Donald Weder , the man who invented both.

Weder not only holds the patents on these holiday staples, he also holds a total of 1, U. That's compared to Thomas Edison , who held just 1, U.

If you listen very closely, hot water and cold water sound slightly different when being poured. The heat changes the thickness, or viscosity, of the water, which changes the pitch of the sound it makes when it's poured.

What we feel as heat comes from the molecules of the water moving faster. Cold water is thicker and therefore makes a slightly higher-pitched sound.

Every culture in the world laughs, but surprisingly, most of our laughter isn't necessarily a response to humor. Less than 20 percent of laughter comes after jokes, according to neuroscientist Robert Provine ; the rest is a reaction to regular statements and questions like, "How have you been?

It's a sad fact the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is a site where many suicides take place. However, one California Highway Patrol officer has done more to combat this problem than any other individual.

Officer Kevin Briggs , who battles depression himself, has personally talked more than people down from the proverbial ledge throughout his career.

After retiring in , Briggs wrote a book called Guardian of the Golden Gate and now goes on speaking tours to encourage public discussion of suicide and mental illness.

In 16th and 17th century Europe, cannibalism was actually a fairly common practice, and it was all for medical purposes. The practice seems to have started because Egyptian mummies were thought to have magical curative properties—so they were ground up and put in many remedies.

As the idea evolved, human bone, blood, and fat were all used in medical concoctions. Got a headache?

Crush a skull and make it into tea! While medical cannibalism has fallen out of favor, modern medicine still sometimes uses one human body to heal another in the form of blood donations, organ transplants, and skin grafts.

Some owners of disobedient dogs may have trouble believing this, but dogs can learn to recognize a vocabulary of about words.

Unsurprisingly, dogs respond best to short words, as well as words with hard consonants like "t" or "r," which may explain why they can hear "treat" from three rooms away.

If you want to try to expand your dog's vocabulary, be consistent—for example, always call a meal "dinner" instead of breakfast, lunch, or supper.

And don't believe the myth: Old dogs can learn words just as well as young dogs. Or, at least, the components of one. Iron is an important nutrient that the human body needs.

It helps your red blood cells carry oxygen, which is necessary for producing energy throughout the body.

That's why an iron deficiency can present itself with feelings of exhaustion. Amazingly, a healthy adult has about three grams of iron, enough that, if it were pulled out and melted down, it could form a nail up to three inches long.

Periodically, a rumor starts on the internet that says natural redheads will become extinct by the year Lucky for gingers everywhere, this is a myth.

It's true that the gene that causes red hair is recessive, meaning that both parents must have it for their child to have red hair.

However, even non-redheads can carry the red hair gene , and it can pop up unexpectedly in generations down the line. While there are currently no female players in Major League Baseball, there have been plenty of women in professional men's leagues.

The first was Lizzy Arlington , who pitched during the ninth inning for the Reading Coal Heavers in and won her team the game.

What's more impressive: Mitchell was 17 years old at the time. Chimpanzees and gorillas have human-like fingerprints and so do koalas.

In fact, koala prints are very similar to human fingerprints, even to expert crime scene investigators.

As of yet, no koalas have framed humans for their crimes, but now we know it's not impossible…. Human beings may dominate the planet with our sprawling cities and far-reaching technology, but we are, in fact, just one species among some 8.

After multiple people reported they had passed a kidney stone while riding Walt Disney World's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride, a research team from Michigan State University decided to investigate the phenomena in They conducted tests with a model kidney and found that there was a 64 percent kidney stone pass rate for those seated in the rear of the Thunder Mountain ride.

That number was just 16 percent for those seated in the front. The reason we only find their bones in certain places , though, is that weather and soil conditions in those places were just right for the bones to be fossilized.

Scientists also speculate that there may be many smaller-sized dinosaurs that we know nothing about because their bones were too small to fossilize well.

Hummingbirds are known for being itty-bitty creatures , but Bee Hummingbirds are the teeniest versions of these shockingly tiny flyers.

They're actually the smallest bird in the world. They are so minuscule that they are sometimes mistaken for insects which explains their name , according to the National Audobon Society.

The birds are just two and a quarter inches long and weigh less than a dime. There are only two mammals on Earth with the proven ability to move their bodies in time with an external beat: humans though not all humans, to be fair and sea lions.

When researchers at the University of Santa Cruz rescued a stranded sea lion in , they found that she was very smart, and she was even able to learn how to dance.

Though parrots can also keep a rhythm, it was previously thought that only animals capable of complex vocal learning could do this. However, even if you have that kind of dough lying around, you won't be able to buy it—only one was made, and it was custom-built from the ground up according to the buyer's specifications.

She was an Irish woman named Mary Mallon who immigrated to the United States in the s. Though she had no symptoms of typhoid fever, she carried the bacteria in her blood and could pass it on to other people.

Because no doctor could convince her that this was true and she didn't feel sick, she insisted on working as a cook.

During her career, she infected at least 51 people, three of whom died, before she was isolated in enforced quarantine for the last decades of her life.

There's a tale written in the year A. While there, Saint Columba heard stories of a "water beast" that attacked and killed the local people when they went in the river.

Wanting to help, the monk used his friend as bait to lure the beast into sight, at which point Columba commanded it to "go no further," and the creature stopped and swam back upstream.

That river is now known in Scotland as the River Ness, which flows out from the famous Loch Ness. A little dash of nutmeg in a pumpkin pie or on your egg nog can give it some extra flavor and a lovely, spicy scent.

Too much nutmeg, however, can be toxic. Two to three teaspoons of raw nutmeg can induce hallucinations, convulsions, pain, nausea, and paranoia that can last for several days.

Actual fatalities are rare, but they have happened. You've heard of police dogs, but police geese? As of , 12 police stations in a rural area of China have begun to use geese as sentries.

They are alert animals and, as you probably know, can create a lot of noise and commotion, which creative Chinese law enforcement officers are taking advantage of.

While this trend has yet to spread throughout China, Dongwan police claim that the geese have already stopped at least one theft.

The first mobile device to be called an "iPhone" was made by Cisco , not Apple. It allowed the user to use the voice functions of Skype without a computer.

Apple announced its own product just 22 days later, and Cisco sued for trademark infringement. The lawsuit was ultimately settled out of court and both companies were allowed to keep using the name.

Why, you ask? While this may sound like an odd law to try and enforce, it actually makes perfect sense!

If you kept just one guinea pig it would become lonely and depressed, which is actually considered to be animal cruelty these days.

Not only is this phobia the fear of being tickled by feathers, in extreme cases it can involve the fear of feathers in general.

Researchers in China have found that many animals are actually able to predict earthquakes to varying levels of success. When a snake senses an earthquake it will run or slither, in this case away from its nest, even in the darkest days of winter.

Why not check out these other fun facts about snakes. This can of course be both a negative and a positive fact, depending on how nice you are to them.

While crows can tell us apart, we would find it incredibly difficult to distinguish one crow from another. The tablet was discovered during an archaeological dig in Iraq in , but has unfortunately been lost since.

Fortunately the tablet was photographed, so researchers were able to analyze and translate the text. The results? Well, we can tell that the tablet does indeed contain jokes, but unfortunately the full meaning has been lost in translation.

Thanks to advances in medical science we were able to completely eradicate smallpox, with the last natural case occurring on October 25, Smallpox causes breakouts of pus-filled blisters all over your body and in most cases were life-threatening, so the eradication was a monumental achievement.

The second disease to be eradicated, Rinderpest, is actually a disease found in cattle and is quite similar to measles. The tradition has been adapted over time to fit the modern kitchen, with families all over the world placing a pillow on top of their fridge every year on May 29 th.

Read more about Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day right here! People with this phobia are known to avoid any kind of situation that might be classified by others as a fun or joyful.

This shows that nearly one in ten Americans has a deeply flawed understanding of basic science, as well as a clear lack of understanding of where their food comes from!

Kangaroos use their tails for balance whilst hopping, so if you elevate their tail, they would have no balance and fall over. There are known cases where kangaroos have lost their tails and can still move around, but it took them a long time to adjust and can only move small distances at a time!

Love bananas? Studies conducted by the University of Bristol found that only 0. It was taken apart in after being bought by American oil tycoon Robert P.

McCullogh and shipped to Arizona. It was put back together piece by piece in Lake Havasu city, a city founded by McCullogh himself, serving as a tourist attraction.

You can read more fun facts about Arizona here! The average global life expectancy is about 72 years, which means that you produce an average of 4, gallons 18, liters of saliva in your lifetime.

Fun Fact: This conundrum is known as the Pinocchio Paradox. The average adult polar bear weighs pounds kg , which means it eats about pounds 45 kg every time it sits down to eat.

Most people know Volkswagen for their iconic line of campervans, the Kombi, or even the cute little Beetle. Specifically, currywurst sausages. Well, one of their factories was built in quite a remote location, so they decided to make their own food for the factory workers.

The trailer, which promoted an upcoming movie featuring Charlie Chaplain, was shown after the movies which were shown at the theater.

To live at the top of the food chain they obviously have to be pretty big and powerful, so powerful that they can carry any prey they hunt down to a more convenient location where they can safely feast upon it.

Eagles on average are able to carry a maximum of about four to five pounds 1. Young deer, known as fawn or calves, weigh between four to eight pounds 1.

It is called the stapes because it looks quite similar to a stirrup, which in Latin is S tapes. Found in the middle ear of both humans and many other animals, the stapes plays a vital role in transferring vibrations from sounds into the inner ear.

If players swear just once before or during a match, they are fined and given a warning. The second time it happens in one match they may lose a point, on the third they may lose a game, and they can lose the whole match if they swear four times!

Speaking of technology, one reason we have explored so little of the ocean is that we only developed the technology for doing so within the last years!

That being said, watching what you eat can help prevent from farting as often, as well as preventing them from being too smelly!

The foods most linked to farting include beans, broccoli, milk, corn, high-fiber foods such as fruit or peas, and cabbage.

The hobo spider Eratigena agrestis can actually be found in many places across the world, from Europe to Central Asia, as well as some parts of North America!

To be more specific, a lion can roar as loud as decibels, which is roughly 25 times louder than a gas-powered lawnmower.

Lions are able to roar much louder because their vocal chords are shaped differently, allowing them to produce more noise with less effort.

Legend has it that on December 13, , French sailors were shipwrecked and became stranded on the island. One of the creepiest things you could possibly ever witness is a wolf spider and its spiderlings, as this motherly arachnid carries her young on her back!

Check out these eight creepy facts about spiders. In , the first US Navy Submarine equipped with Xbox controllers was brought into commission.

You read that right — because the control stick for periscopes is both phenomenally expensive and difficult to master, the US Navy has begun to install Xbox controllers as they are much cheaper.

Any word, sentence, or phrase which can be read the same forwards and backwards is known as a palindrome. Palindromes have been around for thousands of years already with the first palindromes invented in Egypt during the Greek occupation around BC.

Fun Fact: The man credited with writing the first palindromes was executed for writing a palindrome that insulted his king!

When an octopus lays its eggs they are smaller than a grain of rice, and are so delicate they have to be constantly watched over.

You would think this would make them hard to spot, however since eggs are laid by the tens of thousands they are easily spotted! You read that right — in , the first hot air balloon was launched carrying a sheep, duck, and a rooster.

The hot air balloon as we know it today was invented by the Montgolfier brothers in France, who began to experiment with the idea after seeing some of their laundry being lifted by the heat of a fire it was drying on.

The inaugural flight took animal passengers as it was unknown how flying at altitude would affect us. The flight was a complete success and the animals landed, safe and mostly unharmed other than a few kicks the sheep managed to land on the rooster.

Uganda has a total population of One of the reasons this number is so high is that the population is rapidly expanding, as there were just 5 million people in Uganda in Interestingly, it was also found that men who are promised some sort of treat at the end of the joint shopping trip were more likely to at least pretend to enjoy shopping with their partner.

Today, this would be of course be unheard of. But back then, coffee was an integral part of Turkish society. It was introduced into the country in the 15 th Century, and by the 16 th Century they had mastered the art of coffee.

MTV may not have the most wholesome programs, but after the premier of this show, teen pregnancy dropped by 5. While this is certainly a success story, the TV show has been criticized for making teenage pregnancy look more glamorous than it really is.

Instead of focusing on the very real issues such as cleaning up poop, they focus attention more on drama between the parents. These blackouts also tend to be much smaller than one caused by a storm as there is much less to repair — generally just one cable.

Check out these other fun facts about squirrels! Instead, a number of Chinese-owned and approved social media companies including TikTok , Weibo and Wechat have become wildly popular.

For a long time now we thought that only large brained mammals were able to distinguish faces, but that theory has been wildly shaken up by the humble honeybee!

As bees are able to distinguish between many different flowers it was theorized that they may be able to tell people apart.

Through rigorous scientific testing it was discovered that honeybees could recognize a familiar face days after being trained to do so.

Fun Fact: Bees see faces in a compilation of 5, individual images — kind of like pixels. The famous Battle of Hastings was fought between the English forces under King Harold Godwinson and the Norman and French forces under William the Conqueror back in Despite being called the Battle of Hastings, the actual battle took place 7 miles 11 km away from Hastings in a town that is today known as Battle.

Fitting, right? You may also like these fun facts about The Battle of Hastings. In scientists at the Mayo clinic used a fluorescent protein from a specific jellyfish when testing an anti-FIV the cat equivalent of AIDS gene.

In fact, even the offspring of these cats grow in the dark! Their success is just one step along the way to a final cure for AIDS. Much to her surprise the bees were back the next day!

It seems that the queen bee was still inside, and the bees followed her the whole way home. Carrots are full of a natural pigment called beta-carotene, which gives them their vibrant orange color.

It turns out that if you eat too many carrots the beta-carotene can enter your bloodstream, giving your skin an orange glow!

The medical name for this condition is carotenemia, and while alarming, it is fortunately generally harmless! Eventually he came upon the name Bob Dylan, which he changed his name to officially on August 2, No one actually knows why he chose this name, but many people, including Dylan himself have told different stories over the years.


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